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Welcoming a New Validator: Maekyung Media Group

The Orbit Chain team is excited to announce Maekyung Media Group as a validator partner for Orbit Bridge!

Orbit Chain has shown memorable achievements since launching Orbit Bridge, especially KLAYswap and Meshswap. Meshswap and KLAYswap have reached $643M and $2.1B in TVL all-time high separately, most of which were bridged on Orbit Bridge. Orbit Chain team put focus on research on data movement between protocols. Orbit Bridge, a decentralized liquidity bridge protocol drives force in technically solving the interoperability limitations of the fragmented blockchain ecosystem. Orbit Chain expands the ecosystem regardless of a specific blockchain or platform, and is exerting a strong influence on the market in conjunction through launching DeFi protocols. Moreover, we are strengthening cooperative relationships with various blockchain developers.

Orbit Chain team and Maekyung Media Group combine the capabilities accumulated to vitalize the blockchain ecosystem. Ozys provides technical advice on the blockchain industry to Maekyung Media Group and conducts business cooperation. Not only the addition of a strong validator partner, but also we are going to build a concrete consulting partnership. We are glad that this partnership will make various communication channels that keep our communities posted on the work of Orbit Chain.

Maekyung Media Group is a comprehensive media group that engages in various forms of media businesses in newspapers, broadcasting, and internet news including Maeil Business Newspaper, MBN, Maeil Business TV, Maekyung.com, Pulsenews.co.kr, and Maekyung Economy. Most of all, Mblock Company aims to be a technology company specializing in NFT and virtual assets based on blockchain. Maekyung Media Group will establish itself as a reliable partner in the blockchain industry by bringing together the core of blockchain, decentralization, connectivity, and the core knowledge, innovation, and trust of Maekyung Media Group. The symbol in the shape of the M and block contains the slogan of Maekyung Media Group, “Create Knowledge” and the will to implement innovation and solid trust in the blockchain. The blocks constituting the symbol will seamlessly perform the role of connecting and supporting the blockchain ecosystem, society, and the public.

Since Maekyung Media Group joins as a validator partner, Orbit Chain will maintain a secure validation system for Orbit Bridge. We are looking forward to continuing working to enable vast networks to experience interoperability through Orbit Bridge. We expect Maekyung Media Group and Mblock contribute lots to allowing users to access the stabilized Orbit Chain’s healthy ecosystem.

[About Ozys]
Ozys is the team behind Orbit Chain. Founded in early 2018, Ozys is a South Korea-based blockchain technology company specializing in DeFi and cross-chain interoperability to make blockchain accessible to all.
Orbit Bridge is a cross-chain-powered asset transfer platform that allows users to communicate with diverse decentralized blockchain mainnets. We have proved to be the standout cross-chain bridge in DeFi. Orbit Bridge currently bridges heterogeneous chain assets across Ethereum, BNB, Polygon, Klaytn, ICON, Ripple, and more.
Ozys has had successful momentum in the Multichain ecosystem with AMM-based DEX protocols, KLAYswap on Klaytn, and Meshswap on Polygon. We have integrated Orbit Bridge so that we support over 70 cross-chain assets. We are confident that interoperability will enable us to differentiate between commercial DeFi protocols as we enter the multichain era. Orbit Bridge is a fast and safe bridge that has bridged over $12B in crypto-assets in over 600,000 transactions across 16 connected chains (Ethereum, BNB, HECO, Polygon, Klaytn, ICON, Celo, Ripple, and others).

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Orbit-chain is a multi-asset blockchain that stores, transfers, and verifies information and assets which exist on various public blockchains through decentralized Inter Blockchain Communication (IBC). Webiste: https://orbitchain.io, Telegram: https://t.me/Orbit_Chain

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