Are we strangers in our own Neighbourhood?

Many suggest that we got disconnected from the physical world. When I say, physical world, it constitutes our places and the people around. In other words, we are strangers in our own #neighbourhood.

Emergencies or natural calamities bring to the fore the need for getting connected with near by. We do get benefited if we know our physical world better.

Exploring a place is one part of knowing. For example know a new store which got opened or parking/transit, Schools, Hospitals etc near by or an entertainment place where I could spend my time better.

Information which is valid for a relavant time is important. When shopping, knowing which are the offers near my location helps make decisions faster.

Knowing also includes finding people near by. In addition to knowing, as a community it is important for us to contribute. Be part of the discussion, ask or seek.

Knowing and contributing to the neighbourhood is not a one time phenomena. Migration from Rural to Urban is happening globally. Millions migrating in China, Infographic Animation. Migration to & with in Europe also has been in recent news. What this means is that even if one is not new to a place, the neighbourhoods are changing, more so, rapidly. Staying connected with the neighbourhood is important. #Reconnect

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