How Orca Scan Works

The free Orca Scan mobile app was purposely designed to bring an end to pen and paper driven asset tracking and inventory control.

In this overview, we’ll walk through what you can do with Orca Scan, how to configure the app to your needs, how to export a spreadsheet via email, and how to set up multiple workflows known as Sheets.

First, we need to get the app and scan some barcodes.

1. Capturing Barcodes

The app is able to capture all major barcodes by using the camera on your smartphone — from there, we can add data like text, quantity, location, date, time etc.

2. Configuring the App

After speaking to hundreds of users, we realised, that we have hundreds of different users — and that is why we’ve made Orca Scan highly configurable.

We just tap the three dots ‘…’ on the right-hand side, and we can customise the fields in the app.

Field types include:

  • Text
  • Quantity
  • Date
  • Time
  • Location

And you’ll notice that these fields mirrors the columns of the spreadsheet that you will eventually export — you can therefore think of the fields as columns in the spreadsheet.

Now that we’ve captured some barcodes, we need to export them.

3. Exporting Items

All of the items are stored in this structured spreadsheet, so we can export them, not only as an Excel file, but as a variety of different file types as you can se below. So whether you’re sending it to Ricky’s email inbox or directly into your back-office system, it can be done by email or text message. And to Dropbox, Drive, Box etc.

To export files to Dropbox, Google Drive or via text message, just hit ‘Open as X file’.

This scenario we’ve been through is how we track in- and out-going inventory at the office. However, it’s not the only thing we’re using the app for.

So let’s have a look at how we set up additional workflows known as ‘Sheets’.

4. Setting up Sheets

Every Sheet represents an individual spreadsheet and can have it’s own fields and rules.

Just as we have a Sheet to control inventory, we have workflows for ordering replenishments, tracking employee phones, or to figure out who eats all the sandwiches.

And now you know the basics of Orca Scan.

The question now is:

How will your barcode solution look?

Download the free mobile application here

If you’re looking to use Orca Scan with a team, then you should know about the central control panel for multiple devices; Orca Cloud — get started (3min).

If you have any questions or feedback, let us know at

— Orca Team

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