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Aquafarm Rotation #18: Whirlpools Edition (Apr 7th — Apr 21st)

The Whirlpools Beta continues for another fortnight with two new Whirlpools — USDC/USDT and USDC/UST!

Aquafarm Rotation #18

  • Duration: Thursday, April 7th, 2022 — Thursday, April 21st, 2022
  • Total Emissions: ~300K ORCA per week (rewards begin on April 7th at 24:00 UTC)
  • Events: The Whirlpools Closed Beta will continue run for the duration of this Rotation, from midnight UTC on April 7th through April 21st (more details below). If you missed our Whirlpools tutorial, watch it here and tune in to our Twitter Spaces on Friday for an AMA with the Friktion team!


First, a note to current Whirlpools Beta LPs: thank you for testing and pioneering concentrated liquidity on Solana! We’ve been listening closely to your feedback and improving the Whirlpools experience daily. You’ll soon see a few highly requested features, like better APR estimation, improved transaction handling, and updated portfolio cards.

If you are a current LP in one of the existing Whirlpools, you must migrate your liquidity to continue earning rewards and trading fees to our newly deployed Whirlpools: read more in this thread. There is a new Deprecated section in your Portfolio view to access these pools.


We’re excited to expand the Whirlpools Beta to welcome our first two stable pools! USDC/USDT and USDC/UST are now open for swaps and deposits and will begin earning ORCA rewards on April 7th at 24:00 UTC.*

*Note: swap fees earned by LPs are 1 bps for stable pools and 20 bps for non-stable pools.

#1: USDC/USDT: our first concentrated liquidity Whirlpool!

#2: USDC/UST: soon to be a Double-Dip pool, stay tuned!

With the extension of Whirlpools Beta, there’s a lot to look forward to for the public launch of Whirlpools. Keep an eye out for some unique firsts for Solana DEXs! The next rotation, there will be a significant number of new Aquafarm and Double-Dip concentrated liquidity pools. (There may even be triple-incentive Whirlpools and something special to welcome spring! 😉)

Aquafarms, Double-Dip, and Standard Pools

All the Aquafarms you love will continue, with a gradual transition to Whirlpools. However, we have a few fresh announcements for our current Double-Dip pools:

#1: sRLY/SOL from the RLY Network Association will now earn double sRLY rewards!

Click here to swap or deposit sRLY/SOL on Orca!

#2: BASIS-USDC from the Basis Markets team has been extended through June 30th!

  • Double-Dip duration: April 7, 2022 —June 30, 2022
  • Rewards: 30,000,000 BASIS (+ ORCA rewards)
Click here to swap or deposit BASIS/USDC on Orca!

#3: The following Double-Dip pools will continue until at least April 21st:

  • Most mSOL pools (USDC, USDT, mSOL, BTC, ETH, MNDE)*
  • All stSOL pools (USDC, USDT, wstETH, wUST)

*mSOL/UST, mSOL-SOL, and other UST Double-Dip pools will restart as Whirlpools with the next rotation.

Lastly, we welcome GMT-USDC from the STEPN team to the pod! GMT is now live for swaps and deposits.

Click here to swap or deposit GMT/USDC on Orca!

🌊 Deepsea Insights 🌍

With every Rotation, there’s always something interesting going on in the Orca ecosystem! 😉

We’ve been watching our first three Whirlpools with a keen eye. Concentrated liquidity pools are a rare phenomenon—not just in Solana but in all of DeFi — and we’re excited to gather data on the activity taking place within them (and share insights with you here!).

Whirlpools are growing strong — and we’re only two weeks in to their launch! Tune in next time as we gather more data from these fast flowing currents of liquidity at the heart of our ecosystem! 🌀

If you’re new to the pod, check out our guides on How to Use Whirlpools, How to Use Double-Dip Pools, How to Provide Liquidity, or our FAQ. If you’re fresh to DeFi, give Orca for Everyone a read.

And dive into our Discord or Telegram for support, or just to give us a wave! Happy swapping and farming! 🐳

Disclaimer: The content of this communication is not financial advice and should not be relied on by any persons as financial advice. This communication has not been provided in consideration of any recipient’s financial needs. We have not conducted any financial assessment based on the personal circumstances of any recipients. Before using the protocol, carefully review all relevant documentation and consider risks including total loss of funds.




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