Orcanauts: Our Donation to DeFi Education

75% of the mint revenue for Orcanauts will be used to develop a DeFi education curriculum for children around the globe!

Today, we’re fin-credibly proud to announce that 75% of the revenue from Orcanauts will be used to develop crypto and DeFi education for youth in partnership with Aflatoun International!

One of the implicit goals of DeFi is to make financial opportunity accessible to anyone around the world. While we love this vision, the reality is that an Internet connection alone is not enough — knowledge is an important piece of the puzzle, too. By adopting an Orcanaut, you’ll be donating to a cause we all care about: Ensuring that DeFi is truly for everyone.

Plus, don’t miss our Twitter Space with Aflatoun!
This Friday, Nov 26 at 9am CET, Orca’s cofounder @oritheorca will be hosting a Twitter Space with Roeland Monasch, CEO of @Aflatoun. Learn about Aflatoun’s previous work, more about the donation, and more! There may even be a prize for a lucky listener…

Why DeFi education?

If you’re an existing member of the Orca pod, you’ll know that we donate 0.01% of all trading fees to ocean conservation and climate change via the Orca Impact Fund. (At our current trading volume, that’s over $10,000 every day!)

Since Orcanauts is a separate project, however, we decided to donate the funds to a separate cause — one that feels relevant to the emerging conversations around NFTs. The theme of financial literacy came from a conversation with Placeholder, one of the co-leads for Orca’s Series A.

When we described the idea for Orcanauts, Placeholder challenged us to think about the impact of “gamifying” finance. This was a wake-up call. We walked away with the conversation with a renewed sense of moral responsibility to ensure that Orca’s impact on the financial world is net positive.

Why Aflatoun?

The Orcanauts team universally loved the idea of supporting financial literacy, and thus we kicked off a search for a partner that:

  • Has a proven track record in financial education
  • Works across the globe
  • Focuses on communities in greatest need

In Aflatoun, we were gratified to find a social franchise that matches this description perfectly! Their mission is to:

“Ensure access to quality, inclusive, child-centered social & financial education for all children and young people, especially the most vulnerable.”

When we met the Aflatoun team over a call, we immediately felt a strong sense of alignment when it came to mission and vision. That final human touch seal-ed the deal!

How we’ll do it

Our proposed collaboration with Aflatoun includes three components. (The more Orcanauts are adopted, the more we’ll be able to do!)

  1. Curriculum Development
  2. Educator & Facilitator Training
  3. Rollout

In early 2022, Aflatoun will conduct on-the-ground research to determine which countries are the best fit for this initiative. The pilot will be conducted in at least 1 country per geographic region, with the goal of reaching at least 25,000 kids during the pilot phase alone.

If all 10,000 Orcanauts are adopted, we’ll be able to fund the entire pilot, with funds left over to continue scaling the program worldwide.

Our call to action

And so, we’ll end with a call to action for our beloved Orca pod.

If you’ve ever felt a desire to give back…

If you’ve ever wanted an excuse to splurge on a cute NFT or three…

Adopt an Orcanaut!

Adoption opens on Saturday, November 27, 2021 at orcanauts.orca.so.

Get your scuba masks ready — we’re diving deep on impact!

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