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The Whirlpools public launch is here!

Orca’s concentrated liquidity pools are now open to the entire Solana ecosystem. Here’s everything you need to know about the launch and our seven new Whirlpools!

Our first Whirlpools Rotation has begun!

Following the success of the Closed Beta, Whirlpools will now be available to everywhale! 🐳

Need a refresher? Whirlpools are Orca’s brand-new concentrated liquidity pools. These pools allows LPs to concentrate their liquidity around specific price ranges, unlocking significant gains in capital-efficiency for liquidity providers and better prices for swaps on Orca. To learn more about concentrated liquidity and the advantages of Whirlpools, check out our announcement post!

During the Closed Beta, Whirlpools beta testers used their Orcanaut NFT to access and provide liquidity. The traction we observed during the beta was encouraging, with both $10M in total value locked and $10M in volume traded per day.

Today, we’re officially opening up deposits to the entire Solana ecosystem. (Builders can also start integrating using the Whirlpools SDK!) We’re proud to achieve this key milestone on our journey to become an Apex AMM.

To celebrate the official launch, we’ll also be listing seven new Whirlpools, all with built-in Double-Dip rewards! As we migrate our existing pools in favor of Whirlpools, we’ll be saying a fond goodbye to Aquafarm Rotations and welcoming the hot new thing: Whirlpools Rotations. 🌀

🌊 Whirlpools Rotation #1

  • Duration: Monday April 25th, 2022 — Thursday May 5th, 2022
  • Total Rewards: The rewards are detailed below for each Whirlpool. Pools will open for deposits on April 25 at approx. 12:00 UTC, and rewards will begin 24 hours later on April 26 at approx. 12:00 UTC.
  • Events: We’ll be hosting an AMA with Lido to chat liquid-staked SOL and their push into the Solana NFT ecosystem! Keep an eye on our Twitter for the link to the Twitter Space.

Churning up a fresh Whirlpool…

We’re kicking off the public launch with some of our most widely traded pairs and a couple of our favorite partners — Marinade and Lido!



  • Marinade rewards: 51,616 MNDE per week
  • ORCA rewards: 4,000 ORCA per week

#2: mSOL/UST

  • Marinade rewards: 51,616 MNDE per week
  • ORCA rewards: 2,000 ORCA per week

#3: mSOL/SOL

  • Marinade rewards: 17,205 MNDE per week
  • ORCA rewards: 2,000 ORCA per week

#4: stSOL/USDC

  • Lido rewards: 12,500 LDO per week
  • Orca rewards: 10,000 ORCA per week

#5: stSOL/USDT

  • Lido rewards: 7,500 LDO per week
  • Orca rewards: 4,000 ORCA per week

#6: stSOL/UST

  • Lido rewards: 5,000 LDO per week
  • Orca rewards: 2,000 ORCA per week

#7: stSOL/SOL

  • Lido rewards: 2,500 LDO per week
  • Orca rewards: 2,000 ORCA per week

All existing Whirlpools will remain available. Over time, rewards will slowly decrease for our existing constant product pools and increase for the corresponding Whirlpools. If you’re currently swimming in our standard pools, now is a great time to migrate your liquidity! (Pro tip: you can now see live reward amounts on our Whirlpools UI!)

Additionally, Whirlpools will continue to take zero fees for the Orca Treasury. This will further increase yields for LPs and lower prices for traders, supporting the long-term growth of the protocol.

If you’re fresh to Solana and DeFi, take a dive into our beginners guide, Orca for Everyone. And if you’re new to concentrated liquidity, check out our guide on How to Use Whirlpools or our FAQ.

Dive into our Discord or Telegram for support, or just to give us a wave. Happy farming! 🐳

Disclaimer: The content of this communication is not financial advice and should not be relied on by any persons as financial advice. This communication has not been provided in consideration of any recipient’s financial needs. We have not conducted any financial assessment based on the personal circumstances of any recipients. Before using the protocol, carefully review all relevant documentation and consider risks including total loss of funds.




Orca is the easiest, fastest, and most user-friendly AMM and aggregator on Solana. As a team with deep knowledge of both crypto and human-centered design, we’re on a mission to create the best experiences in DeFi.

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