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Will there be an ORCA token? 🤓

  • Traders get speedy and reliable exchanges of digital assets for a modest fee.
  • Liquidity providers earn a portion of those fees in exchange for the opportunity cost of providing capital and risk of divergence or impermanent loss.
  • Arbitrageurs get sweet deals on trades, which in turn keeps prices in line with market rates.
  • When there is a reasonable amount of organic trade flow on Orca. This requires—among other things—the Solana ecosystem to grow and more legitimate use cases to arise.
  • When there is a thriving ecosystem of designers, developers, and moderators who believe in Orca’s mission, and thus contribute to the continued growth of the protocol.
  • Early adoption. Providing liquidity on a yet-unproven, early protocol involves a higher degree of risk than depositing in Uniswap or SushiSwap. That risk should be rewarded accordingly.
  • Continued adoption. Participants who actively participate over time should receive more than people who were early, but become inactive. One way to achieve this is through a consistent rate of inflation.
  • Insider information. Everyone will receive tokens according to the same formula. We have not promised any additional incentives, even for friends of the Orca team.
  • Gaming the system. You won’t earn more tokens for congesting the network by creating multiple addresses and wash trading, or for splitting up swaps into smaller amounts.



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