Brick by Brick

Focus on what steps will get you a little bit further towards your goal; and do them. If you want to build a wall you don’t “build a wall”; you lay bricks over and over again until you have a wall. The big daunting things are invariably made up of small things; the skill is to find the right sized brick.

So many of us hate doing the repetitive tasks, laying one brick at a time, but how many of these tasks become the tasks required for success (or a completed wall). I am a Wimbledon Tennis fan and whilst the championship is a distant memory, something said by the winner Novak Djokovic has left an impression on me that we can all learn from. One of the things he said to Sue Barker when he was interviewed was that when he is doing, repetitively, the same thing day in and day out, it is only when he wins that he really appreciates that is what he needs to do to beat someone like Roger Federer.

This is one of those lessons that few of us are ever told, but those that reach the echelons of their chosen field know all too well. Nothing happens overnight, without a lot of hard work and the need to commit to repetitive tasks. I am big fan of repetitive tasks, you know where you are with them, you notice changes in how well or how quickly you can complete them.

If you want to create any long lasting change or reach a particularly lofty goal (or not so lofty) you need to make changes incrementally. Many coaches, proponents of good habits or personal trainers will tell you that you can take useful measurements of improvement from doing repetitive tasks.

If you try and take on too much too soon, for example, trying to lift a weight that is too big, you will cause problems for yourself and potentially lose the motivation to carry on.

In my eat an elephant example, I talk about breaking things down into manageable chunks. This is similar with the repetitive tasks. Take something small to start you off, do it every day. As you get quicker or better, the task gets easier, it becomes a habit. You can then add the next repetitive task to help you reach your goal. It reduces the possible procrastination factor as it is small enough for you to be able to do every day, it is simple enough and as you do it for more than a few days, you will see a noticeable difference, which will push you on to continue.

Anything worth doing needs to be done consistently and persistently, even on the days you are feeling disheartened and like nothing is working. You made a promise to yourself that you were going to try something, you owe it to your former self to give it a damn good try. It may take longer than you thought or be harder, but unless something happened that indicated you were on a fool’s errand, you need to give it more than a few weeks or months to get going.

Even with great people around you helping you with your and their repetitive tasks, think in terms of years……..


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