Come, as you are

Death to Stock Photos

No judgements, no preconceived ideas, no preconceptions, no expectations. Who knows what you will find, who knows who you will meet, who knows what help you can provide, what help you can receive.

Come as you are, with your strengths, with your skills, with your abilities, with your awards, with your talents, with your examples

Come as you are with your weaknesses, ignorance, with your failures, with your lessons learned, with you war wounds, with your knockbacks, with your paranoia.

Come as you are with your legacy, with your super-power, as a role model.

Be yourself, in all your glory, good and bad. What is most important is the self-awareness that this journey has given you. We don’t have to be all things to all people, we don’t have to be brilliant at everything, but we need to be self-aware enough to know the difference between us and the next person. Where we can complement, add value, be of benefit, share collaborate.

Come as you are, be who you be and learn about what you can become.

In the simplest terms, I support people to prepare to profitably scale. What you do with a room full of people is very different to how you do it when they cross cities, continents or oceans.

I am happy to spend a few minutes working through a challenge you have, as an advisor on (Officehours connects you with amazing people, for 10 minutes of free 1-on-1 advice).

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