Fear of failure prevents you succeeding

I am sure you have read many times, how you can get in your own way; the voices in your head prevent you from moving forward. You believe too much of your bad press and don’t spend so much time looking at the constructive and positive hard work that you can do to get yourself across the line to success.

Sometimes that fear of failure can stop you from starting. But what if you get going, gain some momentum and the fear of failure prevents you capitalising on the movement you have so you start jeopardising any success you currently have or hope to have. I am working with someone who is so scared of failure that they won’t receive help from anyone who can help them succeed.

The reasons they have got to where they are, are many and varied. They have been trying to build a business like a phoenix from the flames of a previous endeavour. The idea is sound and they have been given a plan that has no reason not to succeed. But there are a few reasons why it is unlikely to succeed.

They don’t want to write off their sunk costs

They have spent a lot of money on certain technology that is not fit for purpose and cost a lot of money to implement. Some of it is because they were over-charged for some simple software that was not built to the specifications that they were told. This is a simple case of emperor’s new clothes and when you experience that level of duplicity, it is hard to build trust again. This technology has been superseded by something that will bring in revenue, but they seem intent on bringing it back in the hope that they may make their money back in the form of investment. I am not convinced.

They don’t have the expertise and won’t listen to those that do

This is understandable when trust has been broken. It is harder to trust again. However, when that trust is misplaced in others who don’t have their interests at heart and they ignore the proof of those working in it, they are burning the wrong bridges. I can appreciate that when trust has been broken, you need more proof next time to put your trust in someone again. However, penalising someone who has proof they are doing what they say they are doing and who is showing good faith by being overly generous with their time is not going to end well.

Expecting quick results from minimal effort

You are so worried about it going wrong that you spend all your time asking for updates, finding out what is going on, asking for proof that you are doing what you say you are doing. Results take time. Even early on, the results were quick, but they now need time to gain momentum. Taking the people away from their core roles and asking them to continually present on what they have done the last day or hour is not going to help you or them. No-one does well being micro-managed. They know what results you want, they are working hard to get them. Doing it in a blink of an eye is not possible (if it was, can you imagine what success would be then!)

Parting the red sea, turning 5 loaves into a feast or water into wine are all very well, but they are called miracles for a reason. Getting out of your own way, sitting back and letting people do what they do best with the right guidance is the best way to get to success. Being scared of the failure so trying to mitigate against it in the wrong way with the wrong progress milestones means you are unlikely to find success.

It is a shame, if you had given it some time and a little trust, you could have had a great business on your hands. Instead there is a lot of blame, recrimination and potential fraud…….

In the simplest terms, I help people to get ready to profitably scale. What you do with a room full of people is very different to how you do it when they cross cities, continents or oceans.

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