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I had the pleasure of speaking at a TableCrowd a few weeks back and it was a great experience with a lovely bunch of people. We talked about a lot of things in executing and operating a business and the theme that came across quite heavily is how do you trust others to help you grow your business? It is so hard to relinquish control or believe that someone can do it as well as you can.

Well, all I had to say about that is that trust is the important part of any relationship and even more so when you are asking someone to help you. That is essentially the nub of what it is to hire people or lead a team.

Asking for help makes us feel vulnerable, but it is one of the strongest things we can do.

So back to trusting your team to do their jobs/tasks etc. If someone questioned whether you could do your job and if you would just let things go or allow things to fail, how would you feel? Sometimes, when we micro-manage or control or keep checking if things are done properly, that is exactly what you are saying to anyone who is helping you in your business. If you do that often enough, you can see why, perhaps, they don’t do it as well, they allow things to pass, they drop the ball. It gets to the point of them saying to themselves, well there is no point me doing it if they are going to come along and just do it again anyway.

Now think of someone you trust to get the job done. Do you hassle them constantly, do you keep following up, do you check their work? You find that the people you trust, repay it over and over again. If they fail, you cut them slack, you help them get back up, you chalk it up to tiredness, lack of knowledge etc.

Who would you prefer to have in your business on any given day? Someone who can do their job without any oversight, they just know what to do and when to do it?

This doesn’t happen overnight. That person needs to be trained properly, they need to understand what you expect of them, they need to understand the goals you have, the outcomes you want. They aren’t psychic.

So in order to create a trusting relationship, not only do you need to start out with someone who has shared interest in being successful with you, you also need to give them a lot of information early on so that you can build trust together to go off and do great work.

If you don’t trust them to help you, that relationship will likely fail. But you can turn it around very quickly, by putting trust in them to go and do a great job for you every day and you will notice the results very quickly.

In the simplest terms, I help people to get ready to profitably scale. What you do with a room full of people is very different to how you do it when they cross cities, continents or oceans.

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