Transforming the Food Delivery Payment Landscape: Introducing OrderOut’s Same-Day Payouts for Uber Eats, 7 days a week at 7pm!

Thibault LE CONTE
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3 min readJan 18, 2024


In the rapidly evolving culinary landscape, Uber Eats has been a game-changer in how we enjoy our meals. Yet, this revolution has brought to light significant financial challenges for small and mid-sized restaurants, particularly in cash flow management. A common issue is the delay in payment processing: an order placed today on UberEats can take up to 9 days to be paid to the restaurant. Restaurants are stressed because they served meals on Monday but had to wait until the Tuesday, a week later, for payment.

In response, OrderOut has launched Same-Day Payouts, a revolutionary service addressing these unique payment challenges, tackling a 11 billion dollars market opportunity to finance. This initiative is aimed to enhance the financial well being of restaurants in the digital age. The lack of competitive services in this space, highlighted by the acquisition of a similar service provider, Ghost Financial, after a pre-seed round of $2.5M emphasizes OrderOut’s offering.

This delay is far from a minor inconvenience. It’s critical for restaurant growth. Restaurants face numerous daily expenses, from sourcing food supplies to payroll and utilities. A steady cash flow is essential to cover these costs. The up-to-nine-day delay in receiving payments for orders can severely disrupt the restaurant cash flow. Statistics show that cash flow problems are a leading contributor to the closure of approximately 60% of new restaurants within the first year, and nearly 80% shut down before their fifth anniversary.

The rise of Uber Eats and similar services has placed restaurants in a tough spot. Customers increasingly expect convenient delivery options, and not participating can lead to a significant drop in sales. On the other hand, these services’ delayed payment terms have become a major challenge.

In a culinary world where timing is everything, OrderOut’s Same-Day Payouts revolutionize how restaurants sustain and grow. It’s not just about food delivery, it’s about instant financial fundings for restaurants” said Thibault Le Conte, CEO

How OrderOut Transforms the Payment Process?

OrderOut ensures that restaurants receive their payments on the same day, any day of the week (yes, including weekends). The process is straightforward: an order is placed and fulfilled, and the restaurant’s earnings are promptly deposited by 7 pm, 7 days a week. For instance, when an order is placed at 5 pm and is delivered by 5:45 pm, the restaurant receives their earnings via OrderOut Same-Day Payouts by 7 pm.

OrderOut revolutionary solution for the delivery industry will guarantee prompt payouts. It helps restaurants maintain a healthy cash flow by alleviating financial stress and boosting operations.

With the launch of this service, OrderOut is set to disrupt the food delivery payment ecosystem.

We’re not just offering a service; we’re providing a robust solution to the financial crisis faced by many restaurants across the nation. In an era marked by an alarming rate of restaurant closures, OrderOut’s Same-Day Payouts could be the key to survival and success for many establishments. — OrderOut CEO, Thibault Le Conte

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