Google Sumer of Code Cohort 2022!

OREL is proud to have 3 accepted mentees from GSOC this year. Learn about our open source project for open source!

Project Summary

A Collective Cognition Model to serve as automated guidelines to open source communities. The model will project the activities, interrelationships, to keep the community self-sustaining and to help people stay in the community and become contributors. This will be validated by the data generated by an Agent Based Model (ABM) and will serve as a verification component.

Himanshu Chougule (Mentee)

Himanshu Chougule is a second year undergraduate student pursuing a B.Tech degree in Information Technology from Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute (VJTI), Mumbai. For their GSoC project, Himanshu is applying multi-agent reinforcement learning (MARL) methods to build an analytical model of open source communities. Agent-based Modeling will be used to validate the MARL model by generating data, which in turn will encourage desired behaviors.

Brian McCorkle (Mentee)

Brian McCorkle is an undergraduate student of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics at SUNY Albany. For their GSoC project, Brian is creating a computational model of Open Source combining Active Inference methods with a custom NetLogo simulation to approximate community behavior. This may be useful in the creation of auditing systems for organizations to evaluate the sustainability of their open source community.

S. Hussain Ather (Mentee)

Syed Hussain Ather is a Ph.D. student in Medical Science at the University of Toronto where they use neuroimaging techniques to study the connectivity structures underlying brain diseases. For their GSoC project, the Every Good Regulator Theorem (EGRT) will be leveraged to model the ethical regulation of open source communities.

Jesse Parent (Mentor)

Jesse Parent, B.S., is currently an Assistant Scientist and Lab Manager at OREL, as well as a Project Information Manager and Research Associate at a major HealthTech R&D firm. He is also an NSF CSGrad4US Fellow who aims to pursue graduate studies in Cognitive and Computational Sciences.

Bradly Alicea (Mentor)

Bradly Alicea has a PhD from Michigan State University and has published in multiple academic fields represented by venues such as Nature Reviews Neuroscience, eLife, Neuroinformatics, Stem Cells and Development, Biosystems, and Artificial Life.



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Jesse Parent

NSF Grad Fellow, Researching Embodied Intelligence — AI+CogSci. Program Lead @ Orthogonal Research and Education Lab. Founder @ JOPRO.