Observer-Dependent Models: a talk at the Philosopher’s Web Cafe

Join Orthogonal Research & Education’s Bradly Alicea for an exploration of the role of the observer when interpreting models.

An upcoming talk on Observer-Dependent Models with Orthogonal Research and Education Lab (OREL) Head Scientist Bradly Alicea at the Philosophers Web Cafe will stream virtually on Friday, December 11th. The meeting will begin at UTC 4PM, EST 11AM.

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Moderated by OREL’s Jesse Parent, this talk reflects on the role of the observer in computational modeling, while considering its influence on causality and interpretation of results.

About The Philosopher’s Web Cafe

Managed by Charlotte Guo, this webinar and discussion series aims at creating an accessible and interactive format for philosophy, and in particular, interdisciplinary research.

UPDATE (12/18): Check out a lecture post-mortem at Synthetic Daises blog, complete with links and further discussion!

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A distributed collaborative-based open science lab with interests in computational science, biology & neuroscience, and cognition.

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Jesse Parent

Jesse Parent

NSF Grad Fellow, Seeking ’22 PhD in AI/CS & Cognition. Assistant Scientist @ OREL. Research @ HealthTech. Strategy @ StateOfTheArt AI - {} -

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