Oren Loni | Meet the Owner of Burgerim

After hearing stories about the latest Burger Franchise to hit our US shores, I met with Oren Loni, a successful entrepreneur and the creator of the innovative Burgerim concept.

Oren Loni started by saying, “Burgerim is one of the most exciting Burger concepts and I am very excited to finally be able to share it with all of America”.

I asked Loni to explain a bit more about the Burgerim concept and what has made its franchise stores so successful in Europe and Israel? He explained “Everyone loves to have choice! At Burgerim we focus on providing them with exactly that. We offer mini burgers that weigh 2.8 ounces each, served in sets of 2,3, 8, or 16. The best part is the choice of gourmet flavors we offer which includes: Lamb, Spicy Merguez, Beef, Veggie, Kobe Beef, Chicken and many others. Our customers are able to choose their personal favorites and they can mix different ones in one meal.”

Meet the Owner of Burgerim

Oren Loni went on to discuss the simplicity of the concept and how the franchisees are supported at all stages of the business including obtaining loans, finding prime locations, renovations, suppliers, training and after the restaurant is opened. We do everything we can to help our store owners manage their businesses effectively and efficiently. We want them to recoup their investments quickly and to benefit from their successful restaurants”.

I asked Loni about how it all began; he explained that he continually watches the market place for food of talented chefs then set to work and make innovative changes and additions to the existing menu, while he works side by side with his franchise team, to simplify the operations, redesign and update the look of the stores and to finally launch the new brand. He comments, “I remember the first time I ate a meal at Burgerim, I immediately knew that this concept could be a huge success all around the world”.

Burgerim is not Loni’s only popular chain, right now in Israel he has launched Bandora, a new Shawarma concept which is receiving rave reviews from its customers. Bandora’s stores are filled to capacity and the demand for its unique Shawarma which is cooked over hot coals is exploding across the country.

Oren Loni has relocated to the US and is living in LA with his family. He has opened Burgerim’s head office there and has a team that is already assisting franchisees to open their own stores. I asked where he saw himself in the next yearFree Reprint Articles, “Right here in the US with at least 50 operational Burgerim stores serving our delicious burgers to the American public”.

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Oren Loni Burgerim President: Oren Loni is the President of Burgerim and a businessman with a history in food franchises. He is a writer, blogger, digital nomad and movie fan also.

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Oren Loni | President of Burgerim

Oren Loni Burgerim President: Oren Loni As a successful entrepreneur, Loni knows what it takes to reach the top.