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ORG Brighton talk with Still writer/director Paul Hodson on street photography, hacking and what privacy remains in 2016

Spoiler alert! — Don’t read this post or listen to the recording if you don’t want to reveal anything about the production Still.

Paul Hodson spoke about Still bringing together his interest in the street photographer Vivian Maier and the shocking Edward Snowden leaks

ORG Brighton kicked off a new season of meetings and events with a trip to the opening night of Still at the Old Market Theatre. This play about a street photographer, hacking and privacy caught our attention and a foolhardy ORG Brighton contingent headed down to let the show’s production team run riot with their messages, pictures and whatever else they may have stored on their phones. This wasn’t just audience engagement — it was audience hacking!

As the two female protagonists, a premonition of the reclusive street photographer Vivian Maier and professional hacker ‘H’, argue over the boundary public and private information meet, the audience themselves are drawn into the fray — their email addresses announced, their pictures projected across the room. Not only this, but through the relationship of the two characters the audience are asked how they value their own privacy and what would they do to protect it?

With the play exploring issues so close to ORG’s core values and campaigns a Q&A with the shows writer and director was unmissable. Thankfully, Paul Hodson was more than happy to give up his time and join us in the bar after the show. What followed was a great discussion covering the research behind the show (complete with shocking revelations from those working to harvest personal data), the technical feats involved in hacking audience members and the chilling state of privacy following the Snoopers Charter.

By the end of the of the night the Q&A had really gotten everyone’s interest perked — with both Paul and our ORG Brighton organiser, Damian, fielding questions until midnight! It was great to see how animated people were, how engaged with an issue they hadn’t before considered.

Listen to a recording of the Q&A on Open Rights Group’s soundcloud and learn more about the play, privacy and how to get into an audience member’s phone!

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Obi Thompson Sargoni

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