Deliberately Developmental Organizations [Kegan]

The Deliberately Developmental Organization (DDO)

Is a thought-provoking whitepaper by Robert Kegan et el which offers a brief summary of their recent book: An Everyone Culture: Becoming a Deliberately Developmental Organization

The whitepaper, and book, cover the cases of several companies who chose to transform their approach to personal and professional development from its standard role as a program in a broader portfolio of HR program to part of the organizational DNA and something that’s synonymous with the long term business success.

The authors identified 12 shared “discontinuous departures” — things that DDOs approach in a fundamentally different way than traditional organizations — across 3 major organizational design features: principles, practices and community; which makes them stand out:

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Though I’ve been extremely curious to learn more about DDOs, I didn’t feel reading the book would be the best way to go about it, as the extremely case-based writing style doesn’t align with the way I digest this kind of content.

This whitepaper is the perfect fit for the kind of content I was looking for, and highlights the key areas that are worth further exploration.

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