Participatory Organizations: Overview & Taxonomy [Allen]

Christopher Allen put together a wonderful collection called:

Participatory Organizations, Patterns, Processes & Tools — An Overview & Taxonomy

There seems to be an interesting uptick in using GitHub as a system of record for some of these great resources, which is probably a topic for a different blog post.

But in any case, not a lot of color to add to this piece. To some extent, it can be thought of as an extension of the “Solving Societal Problems 2.0” piece from a few weeks back, as it offers a trove of additional resources to those of you interested in taking a deeper dive into the world of participatory org.

At a more meta level, the focus on patterns rather than practices is really interesting. Perhaps this is a better way of getting at what I was trying to highlight with Heuristics vs. Best Practices and being able to separate true/deep understanding of the system/environment and a “theater of practices” that exist only on the surface.