Stewardship & Optimizing Organizational Capacity

Leaders with a stewardship mindset promote organizational sustainability at the intersection of mission, vision, and action.

Leadership as Stewardship

American Hebrew Academy in Greensboro, NC suddenly announced this week that it was immediately ceasing operations stranding students and employees for the upcoming academic year. Photo credit: H. Scott Hoffmann, News & Record
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Stewardship Across Sectors

We call them “higher-ambition leaders” because, unlike many executives, they are not content with achieving only strong economic returns. Rather, they strive to generate high performance on three fronts at once: creating long-term economic value, producing significant benefits for the wider community, and building robust social capital within their organizations. ~The Higher-Ambition Leader, Harvard Business Review, September 2011

At its most basic level, stewardship is acting upon the understanding that leadership is a temporary role which is outlasted by the lifespan of an organization. A leader is performing the act of stewardship whenever he or she is actively preparing for an organization’s future vitality. ~What is Stewardship, and should all great leaders practice it?, The New York Times inEducation

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