The Koinos Podcast, Episode 5 — Ari Betof

Ari Betof
Ari Betof
Jul 3, 2020 · 2 min read

The Koinos Podcast
The Koinos Podcast is a show that connects with executives and entrepreneurs graduating from the world’s best Executive MBA programs.

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Season 1, Episode 5 — Ari Betof
Episode summary:
Dr. Ari Betof is founder and president of Organizational Sustainability Consulting. He is a nationally recognized expert in organizational stewardship, nonprofit financial sustainability and is a Cornell Executive MBA candidate for the Metro NY program. This episode gives a glimpse into the life of a father of two, while running a business with his wife, and pursuing an Executive MBA.

The Koinos Podcast, Season 1 Episode 5, Guest: Ari Betof
The Koinos Podcast, Season 1 Episode 5, Guest: Ari Betof
Ari Betof, president of Organizational Sustainability Consulting, was interviewed by host Sam Cho on the newest episode of The Koinos Podcast.

Sam Cho is the founder of Koinos and host of The Koinos Podcast. He launched new KYC/AML products and services within Bloomberg Enterprise Data and is a venture partner at NextGen Venture Partners.

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