“I believe web3 madness will crystallize into tons of usable resources. And if not — well it’s still a lot of fun!”

DAO governs our OG:CR collection as we believe that decisions concerning the project’s evolution should be transparent and taken on votes. In order to get to know the OG:CR DAO board closer, we asked its member @besit to tell us about himself, his ambitions, and his hopes in the web3 and NFT art worlds.

Who are you?

— My name is Ivan, I am 30 years old. I was born in Saint-Petersburg (Russia), and lived and worked in Moscow for most of my 20s, but I recently moved to Tbilisi (Georgia). I make Computer Graphics for advertisements, events, movies, etc. This is not just my hobby but something I am passionate about. Whenever I have free time I like to spend it on personal projects or learning something that is still related to CG, like Creative Coding or Machine Learning, for example.

What made you come to the crypto world and invest in NFT-art?

— I came to the crypto space as an artist, so my first interest was to see if I can find people who resonate with what I do and would support me on my journey. Working on commercial projects may be fun sometimes, but doing things you truly love and being rewarded for that is an amazing feeling. Eventually, I started to collect art myself. The first NFT I ever bought was a Ksoid by Danil Krivoruchko. I was following his work long before I heard anything about NFTs, so I thought that his collection could be a good investment or at least a small gesture of appreciation for the artist I admire.

Why are you interested in OG:CR?

— I really admire generative art, and I am not talking about stacking a bunch of layers altogether to get a profile picture. Things that are truly built with code — this is what amazes me the most. OG Crystals are far more attractive than PFP projects. The ability to grow crystals, to become a co-creator, really interested me. And I can’t describe how much I want to see the IRL REEF someday.

How do you see the future of the crypto world and NFT art? What are your hopes and worries?

— I believe that what we see right now in the crypto world is just a start. It feels like NFTs and smart-contracts could have a lot of use in the future. Right now it’s a bit chaotic, a lot of interesting things, a lot of scams. People get rich for nothing, others lose tons of money for a tiny mistake. But I truly believe that after some time passes, all this web 3.0 madness will crystallize into tons of usable resources. And if not, well it’s still a lot of fun.

What would you like to wish the community?

— I wish the OG:CR community to stay patient but active. We have some interesting decisions to make in the future, and we definitely need to meet once the Reef sculpture is finished to celebrate!



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