Organic Growth: Crystal Reef — Minting Dates and Process

This document will work as a FAQ and will be updated as we get new questions about the minting process.

Firstly, thank you all for your patience! It’s been a big push from everyone behind the scenes, and we’re finally ready to go for the final push.

The key information you have been looking for:
Public sale:
16 October, 11am EST (17.00 CET)
0.10301 ETH (max. 10 per wallet)
Total mints:
Sale page:

We’ve been thinking about how to make sure we get all this right, and the following solution is what we believe is best.

The process will go as follows:

Stage one will be about consolidating all the information we need for whitelisting your wallets. We will take the information from KryptoSign to make sure everyone’s information is ready.

We will create a whitelist on the backend, so when you connect your wallet to the minting page, you can only mint your allocated amount, and anyone without a premint pass will not be able to mint until the public date.

We will publish the full whitelist before we go live, and you will have a 24 hour window to double (and triple) check and control your allocations and wallet addresses before we lock the list.

Once the presale is finished (48 hours) we will open up to the public.

There are going to be a lot of questions coming up, but we’ve tried to answer the main ones in detail below. If your question isn’t answered here, join our Discord server and ask us there.

When can we mint?

The dates for pre-sale are 14 Oct. 6am EST (noon CET) until 16 Oct., 6am EST (noon CET) so a 48 hour window.

Everyone who has a premint pass will be able to mint their allocated OG:Crystals in this period.

When is the public sale?

On the 16th of October at 11am EST (17.00 CET), we’ll open up the public sale for anyone who either didn’t have a premint pass, or who wants to mint more.

There will be a maximum of 10 per WALLET, not transaction. If you have any premints, they do not count towards the 10 max. This means you can premint 4, and then do a public mint for another 10, for a total of 14 OG:Crystals minted.

How can I make sure I get my allocated premints?

If you signed on KryptoSign, you don’t have to do anything. We have your wallet number which we’ll use to whitelist you for minting.

You will have a chance to check your details before minting, so don’t worry.

We’ve tried to make sure nobody gets allocated more than 4 premints, but if that happens, all wallets will still be capped at 4, regardless.

Can I trust KryptoSign to count all my premint passes?

There was a temporary issue with KS, which was resolved quickly. We know many of you have won passes on Twitter and Discord, and we are going to consolidate all this in the next few days.

You will also have time to double check any allocated passes. If you feel something is missing, let us know and we’ll check. Please take any screenshots of winnings, to make it quicker to check.

Also remember that if you have won more than 4 passes, only the maximum of 4 will be allocated.

How many will the team reserve?

Crystals for the team and contest winners are capped at 270 in total to be used for marketing, team, creators and other rewards. The rest is divided by premint and public sale.

The value of this project is in the number of people who participate in OG:CR, which is also why we restricted the purchase to 10 per wallet, rather than transaction.


Thursday 14th and Friday 15th:

Presale starts with everyone whitelisted minting within 48 hours. Starting point is 6am EST (noon CET).

If you’re not sure, you can connect your wallet to the minting page and you’ll get a countdown timer to show you when you can mint.

Saturday 16th:

Public sale opens. Maximum OG:Crystals minted per wallet is 10 to make sure we can get them into as many hands as possible.

You can mint in both premint and in public sale, so if you want more than your allocated 1 to 4, you can still buy an additional maximum of 10.

Sunday 17th:

Celebrate! You’ve just been part of an epic launch, breaking new ground in the world of NFTs!

The team will be available to ask any urgent questions in case there are any issues. But forgive any misspellings or overly happy messages, as we expect there to be bottles of champagne popped in various spots where the team are working… 😉

Practical Minting Guide

If you’re still not sure how to mint, follow this simple guide:


Click through to the premint page via the official site: 15 minutes before we go live.


Connect your wallet. You will be able to mint maximum 10 to your wallet.


Select the number you wish to mint and the colours of each crystal.


Click the “Mint Now” button, and confirm the MetaMask pop up.


Wait for the OG:Crystal seeds to turn up in your wallet! If you want to double check the transaction, there is a link to Etherscan where you can make sure it’s all worked out correctly.

Please note, the seed in your wallet will grow into a full OG:Crystal five days after the public sale, to make sure we have enough time to do the rendering for all 10301.

If you have any questions about any of this, join our Discord community and ask the team there!



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