The Snowdonia Experience.

We left London around 8pm last Friday from Marylebone train station, stressed from the week of work. Weekends and weekdays are two antipodes and it takes time to switch off from the urban routine. We grabbed some nibbles and wine for our commute and we were on our way to beautiful snowdonia before we even realised.

It’s amazing how being lost in nature can bring you back to reality and push you to take a step back. What really matters in life? Performance, career, social status? What makes us feel satisfied and what do we need to be happy?

48h of camping and exploring the mountains of North Wales had an immediate effect on us. We’re only human beings too busy to appreciate what the world has to offer. Take a look at the pictures below and see it for yourself: What’s not to love?

After spending the night at a friend place and 3hours of driving, we were finally at your campsite setting up our tents. Without wasting any time we set out on a 4 hour biking adventure. It felt so good to make our bodies move and most importantly to have a unique goal: reaching the top of the hill :) We felt so revitalised from our biking session that we decided to end up the day with some canoeing in a mysterious lake!

Also this weekend was my very first time camping and what a great experience! It’s such an amazing feeling to realise that you need close to nothing to have a good night’s sleep. As long as you have your water, food, a tent and a sleeping bag… you’re sorted!

I loved living life as its simplest. Happiness is made of experiences, people, interactions and nature. We don’t need all the shopping, leisures, consumption and activities the city life is made of. It seems happiness is in the most simplest of things.

Outdoor living is an excellent pursuit of happiness.