Assignment Weeks 13 and 14: Leadership and the Dark Side of Organizational Communication

Who is my Leader:

For me, a leader is somebody who provides help and assistance as well as guidance through examples from the past and their personal experiences. They not need to be somebody who is the eldest of the family, a CEO of a big company, The President of the United States, or a captain of a sports team; a leader is somebody who is looked up upon with praise and respect. For me, this person is my father. He has been a role model for the not only me, my sister, and my mom, but also for all our relatives, our friends in the community, and his colleagues at work. He has provided help and assistance without asking questions, guided me and my sister throughout our lives, and has never asked anything in return from anybody he has helped in his life. He does not seek any personal gains in return and does not see where the person stands in the community.

Leadership Style:

According to the book, in leadership style, “the effectiveness of any given style depended on the consent of followers, who varied in their tolerance for different leadership styles.” (Chapter 9, page 269). I agree that depending on the situation or work an individual in involved in, the leadership will vary accordingly. Some types of work may give all power the leader whereas in other areas, the power may be shared by various individuals, some including regular employees who may not necessarily be in management. This could simply include making certain decisions which may, in the big picture, have a significant impact on the company. However, the effectiveness, in my opinion, depends on the individuals who are the leaders of the company. If one powerful, yet smart leader makes all the decisions, it will take the company in a positive direction. Whereas, in other areas, where there may be several individuals sharing ideas, but lack leadership skills and knowledge, may not succeed for a long time, if ever.


First of all, I agree with all the ideas suggested in the book by the government of South Australia to stop bullying in the workplace. In addition, I would suggest that the companies should create annual trainings around bullying, whether they are online or in class. These should include all the different types of bullying in the workplace, as they come in various forms. Create an environment in the workplace which encourages employees to report incidents of bullying and gives confidence to individuals that some firm action will be taken towards the bullies. Following Forbes Magazine article is interesting:

My Leadership Style:

On pages 280–81 of the text book, I would like to answer question # 3 under the “Grooming Servant Leaders through Service Learning and Community Engagement. The question asks how I would characterize my leadership style. I would say that I am a leader who would involve every participant to give their input and opinions. This gives each individual an opportunity to feel equal and comfortable to give their suggestions to make things better. At the same time, it gives me an opportunity to learn about the thinking of every individual and their thought process as well as their personality. However, once I have all the ideas present in front of me, give an opportunity to let everybody give their feedback to how they think certain ideas will help us now or in the long run. I like to keep everybody involved.