Week 5-6: Systems Approach

The System Perspective…

I genuinely connected with the reading from Chapter 4: The Systems Perspective on Organizations and Communication, and I finally feel as though I am able to fully embrace an approach.

As a I contemplated why I bonded so cozily to the systems approach, I realized it is because this approach places a high emphasis on communication — inputs, throughputs, and outputs — within an organization, and I believe effective communication is critical to the success of an organization.

Furthermore, I am in agreement that organizations are a set of distinct parts that interact to form a complex whole, which is the very definition of the systems approach.

I found the following YouTube videos help me conceptualize all the intricacies of the systems approach — I hope you do too.

On a different note, Ocean’s Eleven is a perfect example of the systems approach. To successfully fleece the casino, each member of the team — distinct parts — must execute their unique, critical task, while providing timely feedback — input and output — to each other in order to achieve their complex goal.

Moreover, many non-fictional examples of the systems approach exist in our daily lives — state and federal governments, banking systems, stock exchange, hospitals, universities, religious organizations, families, etc. So it seems to me, that the systems approach can be seen everywhere, and that if an organization managed it effectively through the active monitoring of inputs, throughputs, and outputs it would experience a supreme advantage through increased agility in the marketplace.

What do you think?