Why I Write On Medium

I’ve been a WordPress developer for over 10 years, why choose Medium as the platform for my newest attempt at writing. In one word, simplicity.

Medium is made for one thing; to write. There is no distractions when you are writing. You click new story, and start writing on the blank canvas. You don’t need to format, you don’t need to click around, you don’t even need a publication. You can just write, and hit publish.

WordPress is an amazing platform. I still and will continue to use it for many other projects that aren’t just about writing. But, all the great features and flexibility of WordPress can quickly become a distraction.

When I tried to write regularly on WordPress, I am always distracted by how many options I have. Updating plugins, tweaking the theme, formatting posts. You have control over everything. I have more options than I need, and eventually get sidetracked from the actual goal to write.