Civic Centric Media Watch: The New York Post

#GarbageInGarbageOut — New York’s Shoddy Corporate Journalism

New York City Population: 8.5 million
NYS 2016 Presidential Primary Turnout: 19.7% (The Nation)
NYS 2014 Election Turnout: 28.8% (The New York Times)

NYC 2017 City Budget: $83,000,000,000

Citigroup 2016 Market Cap: $138,000,000,000
David Koch 2016 Net Worth: $44,500,000,000

The New York Post

Daily Circulation: 500,000
Owner: News Corp. | Political Bent: | Conservative-Republican Party

Let’s see what civic centric news we can find at The New York Post — in a city with 50% living at or near poverty, the worst wealth and income inequality on the planet, decades old under funding of the arts, vanishing local businesses, alarming gentrification, crumbling transit, never ending absence of affordable housing — and an $83,000,000,000 city budget.

How were these issues tackled in the news today? Let’s find out:

August 1 — Side Note: today, The New York Times reported only 9% of us chose either of our two major party presidential candidates: 88 million adults never vote, 73 million didn’t vote in the primaries (but will likely in the election). Subtracting children, ineligible felons, and immigrants — only 14% of eligible adults voted for these two, while 50% of primary voters chose someone else.

63 articles grace today’s New York Post website — including 10 highly artistic celebrity photos.

43 articles focus on national issues, over a third vintage tabloid journalism — sensationalism and/or entertainment centric.

20 articles focus on state and city issues, almost half with an entertainment/sensationalism/crime blotter slant, the other on male professional sports.

New York’s working class newspaper covered mostly national news, sensationalism, entertainment, crime blotter porn, and male professional sports.

91% of America isn’t lazy or indifferent — they’re just being fed garbage. That’s why people don’t vote.

GIGO — Garbage In, Garbage Out.

Next week: The Daily News