Democrats: Into Action

Josh Patten just summed my thoughts up perfectly with a single tweet:

In every corner of social media, Democrats and Progressives are engaged in heated debates with finger pointing and blame casting. As Josh so eloquently points out — there are several takes on every issue:

  • Hillary’s ground game / GOTV effort
  • Barack Obama
  • How Hillary Clinton isn’t Barack Obama
  • The future leaders of the Democratic Party
  • The DNC
  • Class warfare
  • Racism
  • The Trump Effect
  • Who did or didn’t vote
  • Why people did or didn’t vote

The list is seemingly endless. I could go on and on. But I won’t because i’m also guilty! As my friend’s dad used to say, “It’s time to fix up, look sharp!” In other words, it’s time to get our act together, get in formation or whatever you want your battlecry to be. I don’t mean to imply there is nothing left to learn by disecting the 2016 election but damn, that doesn’t mean we can’t start doing! We must to start doing. Action is important now more than ever — especially at the local and state levels, so let’s focus up.

I want to shout out folks like Michael Skolnik and Sarah Sophie Flicker who regularly hit my inbox with ACTION items so i’m going to share two with you:

Jan. 21, 2017 @ 10AM
Tweet about it with hashtags #wmw / #womensmarchonwashington/ #womentogether

Make a donation to Gathering For Justice — the folks organizing the march!

Sign up and organize your own group to attend the march!

Early voting has already begun ahead of election day which is on December 10th. If the Democrat, Foster Campbell, wins, the Senate will be 51–49, making it more difficult for Trump to get through his agenda. DONATE to Mr. Campbell’s campaign.

Beyond the above actions which may or may not speak to you, how can you and yours get involved locally or within your state? If you organize, how you can you organize with purpose and concrete action items? If you must write, how can you direct those words to inspire or encourage action? How can you challenge those around you to put their own skin in the game?