Don’t Worry, Be Happy — How I Plan to Survive these Turbulent Times

Like many people, I found myself in the fetal position the day after the election. I had so many concerns, most of which were focused on my children, ages 22 and 16.

I just knew that Trump and the Republican party would start the next World War and my boys are at a prime age for being drafted. I still believe that more than ever. Today’s story about Sweden bringing back conscriptions (the draft) amid Baltic (Russia-influenced) tensions makes me even more certain.

When I mentioned this concern to my younger son he tried to assure me that there was nothing to worry about because he has asthma and would be useless on the battlefield. Sure, but now I get to worry more about the elimination of the EPA and how his air quality will be affected as well as how the repeal of the ACA law would affect his ongoing ability to treat his pre-existing condition.

EVERY. SINGLE. DAY there has been alarming news about this administration. A wonderful site called What The Fuck Just Happened Today was created to help us all keep up with the madness.

On day one I felt obligated to find the silver lining that would comfort many of my friends. That is the role I tend to play. I met with a half dozen friends in the first week to rally them to action and discuss the many historical stories about what this country has triumphed over. I watched several documentaries that comforted me by showing me we have been through worse and that the human spirit is awesome in the true sense of that word.

I joined groups. I joined protests. I launched an idea for my own grassroots movement. I distanced myself from people who would not appreciate my new path of protest and made new activist friends. For the most part, my every thought was focused on what new disaster was happening, what was forthcoming, and how can I make a difference.

Then I got sick. I got real sick. Basically, I had a small chance of dying but even a small chance is still a chance.

It was a Kidney Stone that developed because of an infection that I had ignored too long. It is the infection that could have killed me. I was ignoring it because I was busy trying to “save the world.” A month later, I am still battling infections and have several appointments scheduled with the urologist to uncover what is really going on.

I have a healthy belief in metaphysics. To me, a healthy belief is to check in on what the metaphysic meaning of a health problem is and see if it might apply because it is true that your health is affected by your thoughts and emotions.

According to metaphysics, kidneys are affected by people not letting go of thoughts, ideas, and emotions that do not serve them. The function of the kidneys is to cleanse the poison out of your system. Emotionally, I have been full of poison and I think it tried to killed me.

So I have made some adjustments.

  1. I am part of one group only. It is a group that is focused on local politics and it is an active group that demands monthly in-person meetings with action plans. So I am meeting new friends and together we are making progress.
  2. I used to save all kinds of articles about what is going on to read in all of my spare time and that was my ongoing thought-diet. I have deleted everything. I will still keep up with what is going on, but I will reduce it to one to two articles a day at most. I was reading 5–6 or more a day.
  3. I am going to do what I can to prepare my home and life for the worse case scenario that I can imagine. I will fight my fears with preparation.
  4. I will get back to focusing more on the normal day-to-day activities of building my business and planning fun activities with my family and friends.
  5. I will focus on making activism a part of my life, as opposed to dominating my life, by scheduling it in the mix of everything else my rich life has to offer.

My goal is that activism becomes part of my life that I do whether we have a scary administration in charge or one that I agree with and would like to support more. I do believe the progressives like myself find ourselves in this alternate reality because we got lazy and assumed things were moving effortlessly in the direction we supported.

A few weeks ago I got to sit on the beach with just my journal and reflect on all that there is to appreciate in my life. I am truly blessed and I do not want to mess that up. I will focus on taking care of me first, family second, and world third. Because if I am not around I can’t take care of anything else.

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