Hacking Democracy with Twilio


As Jersey City continues to grow, it is important to keep our community connected. With City Voice each individual voice is heard loud & clear. We are solving problems by providing a platform to allow for truly transparent democracy in local government.

What it does

City Voice is a platform designed to help municipalities better communicate with residents. The platform consists of two main parts, a Twilio phone number that can be used as a “hotline” for residents to report both ideas and issues in the community and a geo-aware mobile web app that lets both legislators and residents view and upvote requests on a map. Accessibility issues addressed via Twilio and voice to text transcription. Residents can amplify other voices by voting up submitted issues in the following categories: Environmental, Health, Education, Municipal, Town Events and new ideas.

Built With

About the #HackJC Hackathon

Sponsored by the Jersey City Office of Innovation, #HACKJC challenges teams to present a proposal to make Jersey City a more sustainable place to work, play and live using of data, technology, reports, articles and expert speakers. This event is open to anyone interested in community-minded work and collaborating for public good. We will have experts and speakers all day providing insightful information to assist teams with their projects.