Out-Organize Presidential Campaigns this Cycle

Its that time again, presidential campaign season is upon us. Following the digital efforts of the Obama campaign, every serious campaign is making heavy investments in their digital infrastructure.

However, after taking a deep dive on presidential candidate sites I found myself pointing out where presidential online organizing efforts could be further leveraged (even on the fundamentals). I’ve put together a quick cheat sheet for advocacy groups and campaigns with three quick things they can do to organize better than (most) presidential campaigns online.

These are just the tip of the iceberg, there a number of ways social media and organizing tools can be leveraged to make these things happen in matter of minutes. If you’d like to chat more about leveraging digital organizing to earn presidential level organizing bragging rights, send me an email at vsuarez@nationbuilder.com or shoot me a tweet.

Originally published at www.victorsuarez.me.

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