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How to Measure User Experience of B2B Products?

What is user experience?

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The current state of UX metrics

  • The confidentiality requirements of B2B customers for information security make it difficult for UX designers to obtain behavioural data. Therefore, they cannot use conventional models and indicators to measure user experience objectively.
  • The Net Promoter Score (NPS) model is subjective, and it focuses on a comprehensive evaluation. This means that apart from user experience, the product’s price and safety and overall customer satisfaction are also taken into account. These considerations are more suitable for B2C products instead of B2B products. As a result, the evaluation indicators cannot accurately analyze Qizhi’s product characteristics.
  • Users of technical products tend not to focus on user experience, which leads to limitations in the data value. Without a proper measurement method, user experience data gathered remains uncertain without providing any quantifiable value.

Existing UX metrics for B2B products

1. Google | HEART & GSM Model

2. Alipay | PTECH Model

3. Alibaba Cloud | UES Model & Usability Scale

4. 58.com | B-Metric Model

  • Based on product characteristics, different weights are assigned to various indicators in “basic user experience” and “role experience”.
  • According to the role characteristics, different weights are assigned to each role.

5. Kujiale | Four Factor Model

Building a suitable UX metric

  • Product type: Is the product an enterprise-level product or a consumer-level product? What are the user types?
  • Business function: What is the purpose of the product’s functions? How complex is the function? How efficient is it?
  • User requirements: What are the different types of user roles? What do the different roles think and feel?
  • Performance: Is the product or platform stable? Is it running smooth?



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