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Just one of many Bitcoin giveaways done by the author via Lightning. This one at Brands Hatch in August 2023 after racing in the Nankang City Car Cup. Click for video clip (Photo: Author, here on left)

Between 2021 and 2023 I have so far given away well over £100,000’s worth of Bitcoin to individuals around the UK through various communities, meetups, my book (which promises a little free Bitcoin once you’ve read it) and education programs like the BitcoinHODLers or Bitcoin Pioneers.

That makes me sound like I am some kind of crazy millionaire OG who can afford to routinely do that, but the reality is that this money came from corporate sponsors, such as Luno. Well, almost all of it anyway.

The rest? Well, that comes from me.

Having been in the space for a while and been an active miner, I have acquired a little Bitcoin here and there, but I keep my Wallet of Satoshi just for live Bitcoin donations, very useful for demonstrating to new people who easy and efficient paying with Bitcoin really is.

Periodically, I top it up with a transfer from other wallets but I also sometimes get donations from fellow Bitcoiners who like to see the work myself (and others) do to drive education and adoption across the UK and abroad.

And it REALLY helps!

So, if you’d like to throw over a few Sats (or maybe even just buy me beer!) then please use my LNURL address below. If you add a message in the notes when you send it that you’d like me to pass on to the next new Bitcoiner, please add that too and we’ll try and get it on camera!

No need to go crazy, just a few Sats is fine — it all helps getting the message out there!

All you need to do is scan the QR code above with your Lightning Wallet, select your donation amount, add any note you like and hit send! That’s it! And thank you!

Almost all Lightning Wallets are compatible with this fixed address system (known as a “LNURL”) but there are a couple of exceptions, such as Muun wallet.

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