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What even is a Bitcoin anyway?

As a follower of “Original Crypto Guy” (OCG) on Medium you’re probably quite up to speed on Bitcoin and how it works. But can you remember when that wasn’t the case?

When you discovered it, can you remember the questions you had? I bet they were the same as mine!

Is it real? Who owns it? How does it work? Is it a scam? What even IS a Bitcoin anyway? … and so on.

For the last couple of years I have dedicated most of my time to explaining the concept to new people, either face to face or via webinar. Recently I discovered that over 1000 people in 24 countries have joined my webinars and either now have Bitcoin or at least understand what it is as a result. It really is a great way to spread the word, if a little labour intensive!

These FREE webinars are designed for complete beginners, so perhaps they may not be relevant to you personally but they might be helpful explaining it to people you know who aren’t sure about it. Sometimes it just, well, helps to have someone else explain it, doesn’t it?

I’m running some more in the next couple of weeks, so if you know someone who you think might benefit from having Bitcoin explained in a lighthearted, jargon-free way, then by all means forward this mail! Even if you're pretty clued up, you’re welcome to come too! Perhaps there’s a specific question you’d REALLY like the answer to …

Webinars last between 40 and 60 mins, depending on open Q&A session, and all attendees will get £10’s worth of Bitcoin (if they want it) FREE of charge courtesy of Luno Wallet & Exchange. There’s also a chance to earn another £50 which I’ll go through on the day.

Thursday September 24th 6.00pm (BST)

Register here:

Wednesday 30th September 30th 1.00pm (BST)

Register here:

Remember, webinars are truly international, so you can join from wherever you like! However, to claim the free Bitcoin, you must be over 18, have ID and be be resident in either the UK or Europe.

In the meantime, if Bitcoin is your bag and you fancy a read that’s not on OCG, try this one that went pretty viral at the start of the year. We’re nine months in and a whole world of stuff has happened since then, so how am I doing so far?


Thanks for following, stay safe and I look forward to seeing you (or perhaps your friends or family) at the webinars!


Find me on Twitter here, Listen to my latest podcasts here




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