A Startling Revelation

I tiptoed through the forest looking for luck

Instead I saw fairies who were running amok

They had dipped into nectar both tart and sweet

One little jolly man was dancing fast and fleet

I left that vision and kept looking for gold

I came to a house that seemed dark and cold

I saw a light on the window sill brightening the gloom

Inside was a maiden spinning wool at the loom

I moved on from that place and came to a stream

Ever looking for luck was the heart of my dream

At the stream was a bear getting a drink

Then the bear morphed into a man making me blink

I came into the forest eagerly looking for luck

I found startling revelations fast stealing my pluck

I bolted from that place sprinting all the way home

I left luck behind me and missed the giggling garden gnome

Image obtained from Etsy.com

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