Dealing with a Digital Hiring Environment

If you have been looking for a job for a while, you are not alone! Looking for work in an environment far different from what Baby Boomers and Gen X’ers have dealt with is extremely challenging. Why is it so bad? This is one area where the internet is a disadvantage for those looking to be hired. It’s bad because applying online gives the opportunity for literally hundreds, and sometimes thousands to apply for the same job!

Employers have the ability, due to this, of being extremely picky about who they choose for positions. Hiring programs online also allow that employer to set up parameters very focused on exactly what they see as their need is for the position. If your skills don’t exactly match those parameters, you can forget about your resume even having a shot at making it through the gate to be seen by anyone!

With this in mind, as you fill out applications digitally, and as you refine your resume, make sure your resume isn’t a one stop shop. Take the time to know the job description of the jobs you are applying for so that you can ensure key words match in the programming behind the scenes. It means more work for you, but if you don’t match what they are looking for and make sure that your resume has those key words, you won’t get an audience unless you are literally the only person applying for the job. How likely is that?

In my searches for a job, I applied for a while, then started researching why I wasn’t getting any movement. Or rather, why I was getting movement in other fields that I wasn’t interested in. I literally got offered jobs, but they were all in sales, or customer service. I worked in Management, and was submitting resume’s for leadership positions, not entry level. I found out that part of my problem was key word focused. My top key words were too high in the area of customer service, and not high enough in management and leadership roles. Those words were in there, but not emphasized enough.

Additionally I discovered that my other problem is that about 80% of all jobs don’t come through the job boards at all! They come from advertisements in papers, job fairs, through friends, and most especially through various networking opportunities. Only about 20% of jobs post to the various boards. There is a lot of honey in the pot for jobs that most people never learn about in the digital environment.

So, I decided two things from my adventure. I started networking, and stopped spending all my time applying online. The second flowed from it in my decision to start my own business! I have a variety of great and eclectic skills that are well suited to owning and operating my own company. I will start small, and if I should be fortunate to grow, and have employees, I can assure you that I will not be hiring either through traditional methods. Likewise, I will be willing to look for people that don’t fit into a box, recognizing that a variety of skills are transferable and may be one day provide me team members who think of unusual ways to get business done to the betterment of my whole organization! This boss, should I succeed, will leave the box behind when it comes to digital hiring!

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