Digital Portfolio’s Are Not Just for Teachers and Students! How to Use Them Professionally!

Can you see a time coming when you enter a job interview and you do not take the traditional resume and pad of paper in a leather portfolio? I can! Why? Digital portfolios are making their way into the business interview process. Imagine entering an interview with your laptop or better yet, a tablet. You are asked for your resume and you pull it all up online!You are ready to digitally engage!

Its not just the resume there! Its an entire portfolio of your achievements ready to be viewed by a potential employer. You get to be part of the ever changing model for technological advancement. Portfolios have been around for a while. Their most common use has been by teachers and students in the educational arena. Teaching students to contain their body of work in one place so that teachers can easily access it has been a model for several years.

So, these portfolios can be used to show off your credits for a potential employer, but that isn’t their only application. They can also be used to set up sites to showcase art work, photography, and writing projects to name a few possibilities. It allows you to keep all of your work in one place across a broad spectrum of mediums. Additionally, you can upload videos so that if you want to show how you sound and look live the option is there. I actually participated in a video interview with a company recently and thought using technology this way was amazing! Since the job did a lot of work via video and audio, it was a really smart application process.

Many employers today are asking for links to sites like LinkedIn. Asking potential employees if they have a digital portfolio is still not common. I look to the prevalence of this in the next several years as this use for portfolios in a business setting becomes a known and commonly used tool for job hunters and those hiring them!

Sites like LinkedIn are great for professionals and it does have a lot of the features you would expect to see in a portfolio. I use it myself and keep it up to date. One of the benefits of a digital portfolio is the ability to include everything you could possibly want to show off in one place. I can include my writing on sites like LinkedIn and Facebook, but including some kinds of work isn’t quite so easy. Additionally reputation comes into play. Many people who do not consider their skill sets in terms of professional skills used in a business setting never go anywhere near LinkedIn. They use tools across a wide variety of platforms to log their body of work. Having one location to store and display it all for end users is a great opportunity for consolidation and making a powerful statement about who you are!

Be watching for the wave! This wave will climb as people see another move from a manual to a digital process. This kind of tool adds a new level of productivity across all industries.