Pathways that Spark the Imagination and a Huge Amount of Terror!

A while back I watched a video on China’s Glass Bridge. I thought to myself, who would want to go on that?! Not me! I am terrified of heights and even watching it gave me the heebie geebies. Well China did it again! To go with their bridge, they have added an architectural wonder on Tianmen Mountain in the Zhangjiajie National Forest Park in Hunan province. They call it the Coiling Dragon Cliff Skywalk.

I find this kind of design horrifyingly beautiful. You won’t find me climbing around on it, but I can see and applaud the amazing feat that this is. I ask myself why though? Why do they keep making these structures? Also, why does anyone want to go on it. People who are terrified of heights are seen in videos literally crawling on the floor in terror. They are still on it! What on earth made them even put their feet on it in the first place?

This region of China is without doubt extremely beautiful. These glass bottomed attractions allow for a view that is outstanding. It looks out over a pathway, Tongtian Avenue that translates to Avenue to the Sky. That avenue has 99 turns to get to the top, or bottom depending on your direction! The Glass Walkway attracts thrill seekers for sure, and anyone wanting to experience the area with a view that they would have to fly to, or be an extreme rock climber to enjoy. After all, you can get to the tip via the road, but you definitely couldn’t access the portions the walkway now runs along without having a path like this to move on.

This new Walkway opened on Monday August 1, 2016, and videos and images show walkers clinging to the side of the rock wall as they move along at a snail’s pace. It might spark terror in hearts, but people are still walking on it. You won’t find me on the path, but if you enjoy this kind of excitement, the sheer beauty would be completely worth a trip to check out the various glass walkways China has embraced in their architectural feats high in the sky!

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