Roswell, NM, A Beautiful Town with an Interesting History?

As my husband and I make our way toward Sedona on vacation, we decided to go through Roswell, NM. This town is a sweet, normal little town with a very interesting alleged, interstellar history. On July 8, 1947 it was reported that a UFO was seen and crashed in the desert. Newspapers ran their editions, people gathered to see what was what, and the government got involved. There started what seemed like one of the most thorough cover-ups.

Many people are absolutely convinced aliens, little gray beings, crashed outside Roswell. Next year it will be 70 years since that fantastical day. This year. So, instead of getting into the facts as this person or that sees it, I am going to enjoy some speculation. I love a good yarn. “I saw lights in the sky that night. It was darned near so bright I couldn’t see to drive! I was cruisin’ in the desert with a bottle of my favorite wine. I stopped my car, and got out. Those lights seemed to be movin’ awful fast. It looked like a rocket headed for the ground. Oh no! Whatever that was, it looked like it was going to hit the Earth!

The explosion was deafening. It left my ears ringing. I jumped into my car and sped toward where that thing landed. I was sure it was probably some spy satellite, or weather balloon. I got there fast since I was speedin’ like the devil was on my heels. I looked at the crater that was left in shock. It looked like a spaceship. No way! Other people arrived in their cars all around me. We got out of our cars and stared. The next thing we saw stunned us speachless. Litle gray somethings, men maybe? They climbed out or fell out that ship! Some were helping others. Others looked real badly hurt. They placed their people on the ground and it looked like some died right in front of us!

We didn’t know what to do, but the Doc was here with us, as he saw the crash while at his farm. He and some of the men ran down the hill to try and help. Help?! How could we help what looked like aliens? Then we heard choppers overhead. I looked up and realized it was the military from the nearby base. All of us started muttering because we were worried about the little aliens, and ourselves for seeing them. Military also started arrived in jeeps. They rounded us all up and had us go stand away from the crash site. They interviewed us one by one and then had us sign some documents. For Pete’s sake! They didn’t want us to talk about it. They wanted us to be silent. Most of us refused to sign anything. This is America after all. We talked about it all over the place! Most people didn’t believe us. Thought we were wacko’s. I don’t care. I know what I saw and I won’t ever go say something wasn’t there when it was.”

Were there really aliens that crashed? I don’t know. I don’t even really care to be honest. The story is fantastical, sparks the imagination, and incites me to dream about what seems to be impossible things. The museum here in Roswell is full of testimonials of what people saw and experienced. Its not up to be to determine if the details or fact or fiction. Its kind of a fun experience to see the UFO Museum. Its a nice way to view a slice of the history of this town. Other than the UFO stuff, the town really is a nice little community. I love the downtown area. When many towns have let their downtown go to ruin, this one is worth spending some time walking and just enjoying. It also left me with the sense that small towns are treasures that remind me of simpler, less busy times. Roswell, NM. Worth visiting if you get a chance!

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