The Beauty of Multiple Opinions

I was reading today on Medium, and I have a lot of subjects I am interested in, so a lot of different articles pop up for me. I would read this article and think, I agree with that! I would read that article and think, hmm, nope I don’t agree there! One of the things I appreciate about them all is that, while I don’t agree with everything I read, people are sharing their opinions on matters that are important to them.

For those articles I don’t agree with, it is likely that I do agree with parts of what is shared, just not the whole ball of wax! Likewise others might not agree with me, and that is okay. There is beauty in the attempt at sharing thoughts, ideas and learning to communicate better! I might not like your opinions, and you might not like mine, but how awesome is it that we are free to share them?!

It is rare that I listen to someone’s opinion without seeking out corroboration. A person’s thoughts on a topic might resonate with me, but I still typically want to know more. Usually when someone communicates well, that causes me to dig into the subject deeper to see how much more I can learn. After all, effective communicators learn to communicate well by being voracious learners across many topics of life. While some people are extremely gifted in communication, most of us have to work at it.

An opinion is someone’s thought and ideas formulated in their mind but not necessarily shared by others, and not measured through the scientific method. It can be a reasoned opinion, but doesn’t fall into the category of having been corroborated, or validated. Multiple opinions are great when people have gathered together and worked to formulate their thoughts and ideas based on some kind of evidence. It might not meet all the elements of the scientific method, but it has some kind of research behind it other than just a person, or group of people saying something is so.

There is beauty in multiple opinions in that those of us in a lot of the world have the right to share what we think without restriction. We can dialogue about subjects without worrying about censure for what we hold dear to us. We can express ourselves based on our thoughts now about something, without worrying about it locking us in place at that spot forever. What a glorious time to live in, and experience the kind of technology we have at our fingertips today. Our opinions can reach audiences all across the world with no time lag.

I read an article today that I didn’t agree with. I understood the writer’s viewpoint, and why he shared what he did. I feel there is more to the subject than was brought out. This doesn’t mean that writer won’t ever change their mind on the subject. For now, those are his opinions, and he has the right to them and to express them! His expression did help me to see his viewpoint, and to give it more thought. I reached a different point then him, but feel so glad that his words were out there for all to see, so that the subject which is extremely relevant for today is being talked about! People sharing ideas and thoughts are what Medium is all about! To be a part of a community fostering multiple opinions across a broad spectrum of topics is awesome to me!

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