Writing Stories from Family Pictures

One of the most fun writing projects I have ever done was turning family photos into amusing stories to tell my son when he was little! He would bring me our photo albums and ask me to tell him the story. The pictures inside had no words attached to them. They were simply sleeved photos. I loved coming up with creative stories about the pictures inside.

Many of these pictures were old. I had no idea what the story behind the photo really was. In some ways that was good because based on the image, I was able to create stories my little guy enjoyed and asked for again and again. In other ways that was sad because I have pictures from my family with no context of what they were taken for.

I found a file recently when sorting through my office. It was filled with all kinds of writing I have done over the years, and some of them were stories I told based on those photos! What fun to read through them and remember some of the best parenting memories of unconventional story times. If I knew what the picture’s story really was, I would use that to pass on family history. I would write it down to make sure it wasn’t lost. I want him to have that to pass on to his kids one day should he have any. I am seriously considering taking those stories, and pictures and self-publishing a family children’s book to hand down.

Family photos turned into story time with children, and then written down to pass on can become treasured books by future generations. The one thing I would make clear in a preface is which photo stories are make believe and which are based on real facts. After all I don’t want to pass on grand-kids and great grand-kids that Nana was sitting in that horse trough because she was playing around and pretending it was a boat she was sailing the seas in. What I do want to share is that my parents were building a house and for a while that was our bathtub! The truth in this case is actually far cooler than the possible make believe story!

Creative Bathing Leads to Amazing Storytelling!
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