Your Writing Credentials Mean Little to Nothing When Seeking to Spread Your Message and Gaining an Audience!

Some of the best known writers around have no credentials at all! So how did they gain popularity? It wasn’t because they had a degree in English, or had been writer’s necessarily before they hit the big time. They had a message, warts and all, that spoke loudly to people and generated a following. Sometimes those writers don’t even make their message look pretty with correct punctuation, proper sentence flow, or all the tools of the writing trade that trained writers use.

Their message is what grabs people, and draws them in. In some ways those writers cause a lot of frustration with professional writers because they can gain and keep popularity for years when a professional might have been working for years to arrive at that popularity and it keeps escaping them. How, how can this happen some of us wonder?! Well one thing non-professional writers aren’t dealing with is preconceived ideas of what they can and cannot do! They just write, and speak from the heart or the imagination and don’t worry so much about the mechanics. Some writing types require a great deal of attention to those details, but with writing for most places on the internet, like blogs, and articles via social media, the rules are out the window!

Its not the non-writers who are mistaking the audiences, its those who struggle too much with the technical details and cannot let go of them. I do a lot of things to help spark my creativity and some of it is using the technical’s to help me overcome blocks for writing in general. Sometimes though its just letting the words flow and letting go of all the rules that I know. I get closer to writing for the web this way, and can produce words that have more impact to those who are reading.

One of the things I have been doing to help me understand is reading through people’s posts that have been highlighted by the Medium Staff. What is it about those articles that made them work? I see people recommending pieces and try and figure out why? Sometimes the answer is pretty obvious. It may be the topic and its relevancy, or it may be that someone grabbed the attention of readers because they wrote something dramatic or unusual. Sometimes it might even be the bandwagon effect. Everyone else is recommending, so I will too. Seeing the flow of words that attracts readers can help me become more in tune with what readers today are interested in.

I say this a lot for contracts that I accept when clients are trying to get over the stress of doing a task they have not done before, or have done, but don’t feel like they have mastered. I remind them its not rocket science. A lot of the time its trial and error and letting go of details that hold us back so that our message and personality show through. After all, writing is about building a relationship with the readers. I want my relationship to be great, so I am going to work at it, and figure out how to do my part!

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