OGNX Token: The next big thing in the crypto market

Originex Staff
Nov 23, 2021 · 3 min read

The advent of the Internet has changed the global information structure that existed a few decades ago. Likewise, the world has seen many revolutions with blockchain coming into the picture. With the use of distributed ledgers and smart contracts, Originex can create a decentralized global financial infrastructure that changes the direction of existing financial markets.

Many projects occupy the blockchain space, but the question is, how many projects intend to bring about changes in the lives of people? Instead, specific projects dump coins into the market that are of no value. With that being said, the world is looking for the next revolutionary token that will change their life course. OGNX fuels Originex which offers scalable and decentralized commercial services influenced by decentralization, taking the entire operation on-chain.

DeFi for everyone

Originex’s main idea is to create a decentralized ecosystem that offers a multitude of financial services accessible to everyone with a smartphone and an active internet connection. Originex dramatically reduces the barrier to entry while simplifying the process of participation. The community members can access all the DeFi services at reduced costs, with zero manipulation and censorship by centralized governing bodies.

The Next Big Thing!

Undoubtedly, Originex is one of the ideal projects. It is the next giant leap that has occurred in the blockchain space. Originex, with the logical continuation of distribution of OGNX, has established an independent financial ecosystem as a genuine alternative to the outdated centralized financial institutions.

Originex’s proper use of blockchain and smart contracts has created an altogether paradigm of financial relationships between totally unrelated parties involved in transactions. Originex allows the parties who do not trust each other to interact without any centralized intermediaries, bridging the gap of trust.

OGNX — Market Size and Potential

The global remittance service has shown remarkable resilience even during the pandemic. Remittance is being widely used by both developed and developing countries. The prediction by World Bank says that the valuation of the global remittance market has reached about $702 billion in 2020, despite the pandemic. Every year, the growth in the global remittance market is averaged as 12.83%, which is considered a good surge. The mass adoption of remittance services across developing countries like India ($83.1 billion in 2020 alone) has created a vast user base for OGN tokens. This makes OGNX a more demandable token as it fuels Originex’s standard and decentralized smart escrow services.

Accessibility and Transparency

Accessibility and transparency have been the keys to Originex’s success. The centralized financial systems have certain restrictions, including but not limited to credit history and geographical location, to access their services. On the other hand, Originex is accessible for any user worldwide. Furthermore, Originex’s services are transparent. The conditions to be met are hard-coded in smart contracts before deploying on the Binance Smart Chain. In addition, the smart contracts are audited and identified for possible vulnerabilities before Originex begins its crypto voyage.

A glimpse of the future

So, what’s stopping you from joining the ever-growing community of Originex? Be ready to experience the changes Originex brings to your life. We envision delivering all possible services to make your personal and business lives better than your fellow competitors. Take a step forward, and hop in the process of revolution today. Follow Originex’s official Telegram channel for further updates.


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