Building on Origin — Announcing More Projects Building on Our Platform

The Origin team has been hard at work laying the foundations for a freer and more open global network of marketplaces. Our goal is to cut out rent-seeking middlemen and their excessive fees, reduce censorship, and redistribute value back to the early contributors who helped build this network and to our community at large.

We know we can’t build a vibrant ecosystem of decentralized marketplaces alone. We need a strong developer community and a network of partners building on the Origin platform. We are creating easy-to-use developer tools and our own Origin SDK to enable people to create their own decentralized marketplace DApps on out platform. You can see a proof-of-concept of this on our Origin Protocol Demo DApp.

Previously we announced that The Bee Token, CanYa, WeTrust, and many others. Today we are excited to announce several more projects that will be building on the Origin platform:

  • AntiqMall, a secure global marketplace for antiques and art objects based in Europe. They want to change the way the global art and antique market operates.
  • Galaxy eSolutions, a marketplace for pre-owned and refurbished smartphones and electronics with $20M in sales in their first year and contracts with Apple and Samsung licensed factories.
  • Mobotiq, an extremely ambitious peer-to-peer mobility and transportation solution that has been under development for years with working hardware prototypes.
  • Brixby, a parking space sharing and transportation services marketplace with a wealth of experience developing parking solutions for municipal authorities in multiple countries.
  • HireMatch, a blockchain-based employee recruitment platform that aims to reduce hiring costs.
  • Lotus, a decentralized blockchain-based travel agency that aims to make travel services cheaper, more transparent, and more efficient for all participants.
  • SmartRefer, a technology and diversity hiring marketplace powered by referrals and built on the blockchain, based in Toronto.
  • Deco.Network, an innovative code marketplace where developers are rewarded when their code gets utilized.
A diverse group of projects are building on Origin

One really cool feature of the Origin platform is that our marketplace partners will be able to share users, leading to a “shared network effect”. You will be able to use your Origin account to browse and buy works of art on AntiqMall, book a mobility pod on Mobotiq, monetize your unused parking spaces with Brixby, or sell your old iPhone on Galaxy eSolutions. We are aiming for a frictionless experience for users so the fewer accounts and wallets they have to sign up for, the better. This also makes user acquisition and adoption much easier for everyone involved.

If you are a developer looking to build a decentralized marketplace or a traditional business that wants to migrate to the blockchain, get in touch. Learn more about Origin Protocol at and join our community on Telegram.