Building on Origin — Announcing the Latest Projects Building on Our Platform

Here at Origin, we have been working hard to build a platform that enables people to freely transact on the blockchain in decentralized marketplaces without rent-seeking middlemen. We aim to eliminate excessive transaction fees, reduce censorship, and redistribute value back to the community.

We realize we can’t do this alone. We need a vibrant developer community and an ecosystem of partners building marketplaces on the Origin platform. We are creating easy-to-use developer tools to empower the growing Origin community. Recently, we also launched our Origin Protocol Demo DApp. Origin is very proud to have a functional prototype that is completely decentralized.

Previously we announced that The Bee Token, the highly anticipated home-sharing marketplace, will be building their DApp on our platform. Origin has been working closely with the talented Bee Token team. We look forward to helping them realize their ambitious goals.

Yet, we envision a global collection marketplaces of every kind, not just home-sharing, operating on the Origin platform. Origin is in partnership discussions with diverse group of developers and teams who all share our vision of fair and open marketplaces.

Today we are very happy to announce several more projects that have committed to building on the Origin platform. Here they are:

  • SnagRide, a ride-sharing application for mid to long distance rides, serving a severely underdeveloped market in North America.
  • JOLYY, a low-commission beauty service booking platform already operating in Europe.
  • Acquaint, a peer-to-peer real estate trading platform on the blockchain, based out of South Africa.
  • Aworker, a fair and open recruitment platform that aims to reduce the cost of hiring and human resources, operating in Russia.
  • BlockFood, the world’s first decentralized food ordering and delivery platform, based in France.
  • Edgecoin, a decentralized smart education verification service and marketplace, based in Germany.
  • Thrive, a decentralized advertising marketplace aiming to give users control and a voice in digital advertising, based in Europe.
  • ODEM, a global decentralized full-service education marketplace that lowers the cost of education, based in the Switzerland.

In the months ahead, we will announce many more partners. One exciting aspect of the Origin platform is that marketplaces building on Origin will be able to share users, creating a “shared network effect”. Soon you will be able to use your Origin-enabled Ethereum wallet (your account) to both book a ride on SnagRide and book a manicure appointment on JOLYY. This is one less hoop for users to jump through, and it makes it easier for users to access different services and transact on different marketplaces. Also, it allows for our partners to grow their user base much quicker. Let’s work together towards a more fair and open world!

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