Introducing ZoidShop: A Decentralized Marketplace Powered By Origin

Today we are excited to share that our partner Zoidcoin has launched ZoidShop, a decentralized marketplace powered by Origin that allows users to purchase goods in a truly peer-to-peer nature. ZoidShop is not only one of the first DApps launched by one of our marketplace partners, but also the first one to push the limits of what’s possible when building on Origin.

Despite reports of a crypto winter and an obvious bear market in terms of price, the team at Origin has continued to stay warm by focusing more and more on shipping. While we’re proud of some of our recent releases like Marketplace Creator and the Origin mobile wallet, we know we still have a lot to do in order to get Origin-powered marketplaces to parity with existing centralized solutions.

For example, our mobile wallet, which allows users to sign transactions and receive notifications, is only available in English for iOS, meaning our users in China and Korea have faced disappointment when trying to use it (we’re working on rolling out an Android version soon!).

Also, although our smart contracts support the use of all ERC20 tokens for payment, our DApp UI only currently supports transacting in ETH. We are working on rolling out support for a number of additional tokens, including stable coins (which are very important for marketplaces) and the tokens of our marketplace partners.

The team at Zoidcoin, however, decided that they didn’t want to wait to start getting feedback from their users, so they figured out a way to build an Origin-powered marketplace that works on Android and supports the use of their own ERC20 payment token, ZCN. ZoidShop allows users to browse dozens of listings like watches, jewelry, accessories, and apparel from well known brands, letting users verify their identities with OriginID and communicate with each other with Origin Messaging. The ZoidPay mobile application needs to be paired with a physical ZoidPay card, thousands of which were sent out to cities across the world to jumpstart usage.

In order to boost mass adoption of crypto even more, the Zoidcoin team is also offering complete white label services for crypto cards and proprietary technology that they have developed for other businesses that want to offer liquidity to their users.

Please note that in order to support ZCN, transactions through the ZoidShop that use ZCN instead of ETH do not leverage Origin Protocol’s transaction smart contracts. Transactions using ZCN leverage ZoidPay’s separate payment flow and are not subject to the same rules of escrow, arbitration, etc.

One of our core values at Origin is to always find a way. When it comes to working with marketplace partners that want to build on top of Origin’s platform, we’re always excited to meet those who exemplify this mindset, so we wanted to share with the world what the Zoidcoin team built.

We will be supporting Android and other ERC20 tokens soon, but we’re always excited to see another team finding a way to get their technology in front of users quickly. We’re excited for Zoidcoin’s current and future contributions to our shared mission of decentralizing commerce and would love to chat with other teams working to this end, so reach out anytime using one of the channels below.

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