Origin + Spin & Layer Protocol: Scooters and Reputation on the Blockchain

Today Origin Protocol is happy to announce a pilot program partnership with Layer Protocol and leading sharing economy company Spin! The Origin team has been working hard on the fundamental building blocks of the sharing economy, including identity and reputation, as well as real world implementations of our technology. We are excited to be partners with the Layer & Spin teams on testing and implementing their reputation protocol on Origin’s marketplaces and Spin’s personal mobility platform. We know our teams and our communities are excited that we will soon see some of Spin’s fleet of electronic bikes and scooters listed on an Origin DApp implementing Layer Protocol.

Identity is something we at Origin have put a lot of thought into. It is the foundation of reputation, arbitration, and trust in marketplaces. Identity and reputation are also the building blocks for the shared network effects between projects building on our platform. Marketplaces built on Origin will be able to easily share (and acquire) users. We have explored integrations with identity standards and frameworks developed by Civic, uPort, and identity verification by publicly auditable proofs. Origin is extremely excited that we have the first implementation of the ERC 725 standard developed by Fabian Vogelsteller, author of the ERC 20 standard and creator of the Mist browser and Web3.


Currently, sharing economy companies silo identity and reputation data and do not share it with the larger community. This allows for a system where bad actors can simply flee from platform to platform, because their reputation is not taken with them when they move. Conversely, good actors are not rewarded for their actions on other platforms. Because there is no shared reputation standard, the true reputation of an individual is impossible to ascertain.

We hope to make Layer available to developers of projects building on Origin Protocol to help bring a more complete and accountable reputation system. We strongly believe in Layer’s aim to make reputation portable and more accurate.

Pin is looking forward to working with the Origin Protocol team on pilot programs to work towards a more decentralized world that empowers individuals and opens communication and cooperation between stakeholders.
 — Euwyn Poon, Founder of Spin & Layer Protocol
Euwyn Poon is an entrepreneur that I admire and someone I consider a friend. I am thrilled that we will be working with a leading sharing economy company on a real life implementation of Spin and Layer Protocol’s products on Origin’s platform. It’s going to be fun and we will both learn a lot from each other.
 — Matthew Liu, co-founder of Origin Protocol

The Layer Protocol will be first adopted by Spin
Spin is a leading personal mobility platform in the US that allows users to rent stationless e-scooters, e-bikes, and bicycles within designated cities and campuses. Spin is live in over 50 markets in the US, and has served almost a million rides in less than a year. The Layer Protocol will be Spin’s de-facto reputation and rewards system. Spin will reward users through reputation increases and LRX tokens for desired user behavior such as frequent ridership and responsible parking. Future applications that adopt Layer Protocol will be able to leverage the reputation built through Spin’s shared mobility options in their own ecosystems.

Stay tuned for further news about a Spin pilot DApp implementing Layer Protocol and built on Origin!

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