Welcoming Andrew Hyde! It’s All About Community

We’re excited to announce that Andrew Hyde will be joining our team full time to lead our community and evangelism efforts at Origin. Andrew will be in charge of broadcasting Origin’s mission to decentralize the sharing economy to all corners of the world. He will grow our global community of developers and enthusiasts, and is charged with evangelizing our mission and technology at events, organizing volunteers, leading efforts in social media, and recruiting regional moderators for our Slack and Telegram channels.

Andrew is a serial entrepreneur who has spent his career working with startups and helping them succeed. If there’s one thing that Andrew is known for, it’s his uncanny ability to build vibrant, engaged communities wherever he goes.

Andrew is well-known around the globe as the founder of Startup Weekend, the organization that organizes weekend-long hackathons to encourage entrepreneurship and give people a taste of the startup life. Startup Weekend started as a wacky experiment, but Andrew’s leadership and tenacity grew it into a successful worldwide organization that has brought together thousands of teams of engineers, designers and marketers at 2,900+ events across 150+ countries around the world.

Andrew is a well known speaker and has taken the stage at dozens of conferences from South by Southwest to OSCON. He was the author of This Book is About Travel which reached the #1 sales slot for iBooks’s and Amazon’s travel sections. Andrew organizes large community events that draw thousands of attendees on a regular basis such as Ignite Boulder, TEDxBoulder, and Startup Week. He also builds community in smaller intimate settings like hosting 138 dinners in a year to connect like-minded individuals and give back to others.

Andrew Hyde. Photo by Aimee Giese

I’ve had the privilege of knowing Andrew for over a decade. We first met when I was going through TechStars with my first company. When that company shut down, Andrew took us out for dinner at the best restaurant in town to celebrate our efforts even though the business failed. That’s just the kind of person he is. I’m incredibly lucky to know him, to count him as a friend, and now have the opportunity to work alongside him on this audacious goal of decentralizing the sharing economy.

Please find @unicorn on Twitter and join us in welcoming him to Origin.

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