Welcoming Coleman Maher to the Origin Team

A big part of what we’re doing at Origin Protocol is working with other decentralized technology companies that want to build marketplace businesses.

To that end, we’re thrilled to announce that Coleman Maher has joined as Origin’s first business development hire. He will be responsible for helping the company build relationships with other great companies (like Origin’s first partner Bee Token) and sign new partnerships.

Coleman’s path to joining the Origin team is a great example of how we’re looking to grow our team at Origin. I’ve known Coleman for a couple years and was always impressed by his ability to learn quickly and become an immediate expert at what he’s passionate at, whether it’s being a competitive wrestler or running his own Airbnb business.

What really caught my attention though was Coleman’s initiative and passion for Origin’s mission. Unsolicited, Coleman began participating actively across many of our community channels, from Telegram to Facebook. He was very engaged in explaining our mission and product to new community members, and quickly emerged as one of the best advocates of the project.

After catching up briefly one day and learning that we were interested in signing up partners to our new developer community, Coleman offered to help get the word out in an unofficial capacity. Fast forward a few weeks later, Coleman had already brokered five completed deals and lined up initial conversations with two dozen potential partners. The decision to bring him on full-time was a dead simple one.

Welcome Coleman, and congratulations to the rest of the team for adding such a great member to the Origin Protocol family.

If you’re a hustler or a grinder with a passion for decentralized technologies, please get in touch. We’re hiring.

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