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2021 roadmap update: Accelerating network effects of #multichain Decentralized Knowledge Graph

The OriginTrail Decentralized Knowledge graph was conceptualized in early 2017. Since then, it has been built out as a multi-blockchain, decentralized system. In early 2021, the ODN’s expansion to a second blockchain occurred with the xDAI integration. Since then, the ODN has seen tenfold growth in the amount of usage and data size. The Total Graph Size (TGS) surpassed 30MM TGS by the end of Q2, giving us high confidence in further growth acceleration.

As the ODN expands further, new integrations will enable its functionality on the ODN-supported chains and enable them to utilize the Decentralized Knowledge Graph. After successful deployment with xDAI team, Trace Labs has initiated integration efforts with another blockchain team to bring OriginTrail to an additional chain in the following quarter (to be announced soon), further extending the capabilities of the ODN and enabling more blockchain communities to integrate with the DKG seamlessly.

Meanwhile, significant progress has been made on building the OriginTrail Parachain (Starfleet), which has been supported by the Substrate Builders program and fast-tracked in spring 2021. Starting out as a standalone Substrate-based chain, the Starfleet stage of development has shifted and expanded to a direct integration with Polkadot by moving towards development of a fully-fledged OriginTrail Parachain.

The OriginTrail core developers have showcased their progress on the main stage of the Polkadot Decoded event and in a joint meetup with Polkadot in Belgrade when they announced the upcoming parachain plans. The parachain feature development has been completed and the system is in its final stages of testing, running on the OriginTrail Parachain staging testnet, and being integrated with the OriginTrail early stage testnet, dubbed Warp. With the completion of testing, the OriginTrail Parachain will be officially ready for deployment as soon as the parachain auctions open on Polkadot.

Due to the expedited multichain roadmap, unlocking of staked TRAC tokens will be enabled on all ODN-supported chains in late September, as initially intended. Any unclaimed tokens during the claiming period will be redeemable on the OriginTrail Parachain at launch, contingent on the timing of winning the Polkadot parachain auction. Make sure to tune in September when the claiming process starts.

At the same time, the core developers have been intensively working on various frameworks for the ODN and updates to core protocols which will be implemented in the upcoming major version 6 update of the ODN. Together with development partners — academic experts within the Trace Alliance and advisors, such as the recently introduced internet pioneer Bob Metcalfe — the Trace Labs team is working on soon-to-be-revealed research focusing on data interoperability, value estimation based on network effects, monetization, and trustless exchange.

These improvements and additional features will materialize in the v6 of the ODN, bringing many network-scaling improvements and better efficiency of storage utilization to enable the network to support higher loads, required by the new features and demand of the OriginTrail Knowledge Economy.

One of the most exciting updates will be DKG “topics”, which will facilitate the synergy of knowledge from a particular domain, making it easier for the knowledge graph to be utilized outside of its current applications in supply chains. In simplified terms, topics are similar to Twitter hashtags or Google Keywords, which are related to a specific term, thing, or topic, making it possible for various data providers to share their knowledge on a specific topic in the decentralized knowledge graph. This approach, however, ensures data sovereignty and enables sovereign exchange via several OriginTrail data exchange protocols. Topics will make it very easy for the DKG to be utilized for areas like Defi, Oracles, and blockchain data APIs, on all of the blockchains integrated with the ODN.

At Trace Labs — core OriginTrail team, we are witnessing ever-increasing interest and demand by the enterprise and the government sector for using the OriginTrail Decentralized Knowledge Graph. We are, therefore, committed to expanding know-how and tools to help developers harness the power of trusted knowledge exchanges via the OriginTrail Decentralised Network (ODN). The program, codenamed OTEGA (OriginTrail Ecosystem Growth Acceleration), is growing in initiatives planned and we expect to unveil the first activities for engaging the developer communities very soon. At the same time, the Trace Labs team is happy to report on our seamless integrations and increasingly scalable examples of ODN use, which are resulting in the most widespread adoptions of the permissionless technologies in some of the most important industries.

Updated roadmap:

Q2 — Fast-tracking OriginTrail Parachain (Starfleet stage)

OriginTrail Multichain Knowledge Economy development

Advanced frameworks, tools, services, and workflows leveraging Web3 technologies built on the OriginTrail Decentralized Knowledge Graph to facilitate trusted knowledge sharing. The blockchain-agnostic implementation of OriginTrail will be extended with OriginTrail Parachain on Polkadot.

🔹 OriginTrail Parachain Development

  • Starfleet blockchain beta testnet launch
  • OriginTrail Parachain Beta testnet launch
  • Rococo integration
  • Launch of dedicated OriginTrail Parachain website
  • Starfleet Bounty collection completed
  • Launch of OriginTrail Parachain staging testnet
  • OriginTrail Parachain Testnet block explorer integration

🔹 Presentation at Polkadot Decoded and announcement of OriginTrail Parachain

🔹 Trace Alliance Decentralization and Tokenomics Working Group, Polkadot Initiative publication: Polkadot Integration RFC

🔹 Joint OriginTrail & Polkadot live meetup

🔹 Decentralized Knowledge Graph improvements

  • Data pruning features and optimisations
  • Developer tooling updates

OriginTrail Ecosystem Growth Acceleration (Project OTEGA)

Tools, frameworks, and programs for developers and system integrators who wish to utilize OriginTrail with legacy systems, blockchains, and applications and take advantage of the power of Decentralized Knowledge Graph technology. Enabling additional blockchain ecosystem expansion easily through the consensus layer extension framework.

🔹 Trusted BYTES Innovate UK project kick-off (read more)

🔹 OriginTrail deployment in the life sciences & healthcare industry (read more)

🔹 Next Generation Internet update; data marketplaces deployed in US & EU

🔹 Trace Alliance Working Group on Supply Chain Data Interoperability & Semantic Web

  • First group members announced
  • First public meeting of the working group with US FDA presenting The FDA New Era of Smarter Food Safety Low- or No-Cost Tech-Enabled Traceability Challenge (read more)
  • Draft of WG paper presented (internal review)

🔹 World Economic Forum UpLink’s Innovation Day event

🔹 OriginTrail 102 course launched on Ivan on Tech Academy

🔹 OriginTrail Presentation at the Knowledge Graph Conference

TGS target: 30.000.000 — reached

Q3 — OriginTrail Multichain expansion, OriginTrail Parachain, Knowledge Economy Tools introduction and Evangelist program launch

OriginTrail Multichain Knowledge Economy development

Advanced frameworks, tools, services, and workflows leveraging Web3 technologies built on the OriginTrail Decentralized Knowledge Graph to enable trusted knowledge sharing. First knowledge tools introduced for the OriginTrail mainnet.

🔹 Decentralized Knowledge Graph improvements

  • Service layer introduction
  • Core protocol improvements — OriginTrail v6, introducing knowledge topics, replication protocol updates, discovery protocol updates, and extending support for additional data exchange protocols
  • Extending DKG to “the knowledge graph of knowledge graphs” — fully compliant with latest standards (RDF, OWL, SPARQL) for seamless integration with existing knowledge graph implementations (e.g., Ontotext GraphDB, Stardog, Amazon Neptune, etc.)
  • Extending multichain DKG — OriginTrail Deployment to another blockchain Network (to be announced soon)

🔹 Technical Whitepaper 2.0

  • OriginTrail Knowledge Economy Phase introduction
  • Knowledge value estimation framework based on Metcalfe’s law
  • Future development fund governance established (roadmap confirmation mechanics defined)

🔹 OriginTrail Parachain Development

  • Integrating OriginTrail Warp testnet to OriginTrail Parachain staging testnet
  • Announcing Polkadot parachain auction crowd loan details (timing & reward structure)
  • Parachain stress and penetration testing
  • Testnet crowd loan exercise
  • Crowd loan phase and auction participation
  • Completion of parachain auction and running OriginTrail parachain in production
  • Unlocking TRAC staked for Starfleet on all ODN supported blockchains (September)
  • Integration of OriginTrail DKG with OriginTrail Parachain
  • Bridge availability as soon as Polkadot — Ethereum bridge is available

🔹 Semantic blockchain data querying framework, enabling standardized APIs based on the DKG (Ethereum, Polkadot, Filecoin, etc.)

🔹 First Knowledge Token framework — NFT interoperability standard on connecting knowledge in DKG with ERC721 tokens

🔹 Knowledge Economy Ecosystem RFC for public review covering:

  • Knowledge tools
  • Liquidity services
  • Gateway services
  • Data-to-knowledge services

OriginTrail Ecosystem Growth Acceleration (Project OTEGA)

Tools and frameworks for legacy systems, blockchains, and applications to take advantage of the power of the Decentralized Knowledge Graph. Growth potential expanded with the introduction of W3C Semantic Web standards to the DKG.

🔹 OriginTrail Evangelist program launch

🔹 SDK libraries covering all key OriginTrail DKG functionalities

🔹 Multichain OriginTrail consensus layer extension framework — a generalized process of integrating additional EVM-compatible blockchains (e.g., NEAR, Polygon/MATIC, Moonbeam, BSC …) to the OT DKG independently

🔹 Decentralized Knowledge Graph integration framework for SSI agents

  • Showcase integration with GlobalID — OpenPKG update

🔹 Further support for institutional custody options for TRAC token

🔹 Trace Alliance Working Group on Supply Chain Data Interoperability & Semantic Web

  • Technology landscape scientific paper
  • Publication of Interoperability Framework and best practices

Q4 — Knowledge Economy phase, Ubiquitous OriginTrail

OriginTrail Multichain Knowledge Economy development

Advanced frameworks, tools, services, and workflows leveraging Web3 technologies built on the OriginTrail technology stack to enable trusted knowledge sharing.

🔹 Decentralized Knowledge Graph improvements

  • Subgraph permissioning & access control implementation v2
  • Houston update
  • SDK library updates

🔹 OriginTrail Parachain Development

  • Further integrations with Polkadot-based technologies

🔹 Knowledge Tools v1 release

  • Knowledge Tokens (kTokens)
  • Knowledge Wallet (kWallet)
  • Knowledge Marketplace v1
  • Knowledge Tenders v1
  • Data-to-knowledge services v1
  • DKG Liquidity services

OriginTrail Ecosystem Growth Acceleration (Project OTEGA)

Tools and frameworks for legacy systems, blockchains, and applications to take advantage of the power of the Decentralized Knowledge Graph.

🔹 Decentralized Knowledge Graph integration framework & tutorials for enterprise systems

🔹 Knowledge tools made available in the Oracle Marketplace

🔹 ODN data-holding market price optimization

  • Automatic price-adjustment machine learning plugin (AAP) v1 release

🔹 Decentralized EPCIS repository extension

  • EPCIS Query interface implementation
  • EPCIS 2.0 support

🔹 OriginTrail Next Generation Internet Framework released for easier integration with NGI projects

TGS target: 100.000.000

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